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Midshire Customer Supports Sport Relief

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A group of teachers from a Welsh comprehensive have put teaching on hold and replaced their shirts and ties with spandex and headbands.

St Cyres School in Penarth are attempting to raise some money for Sport Relief by rocking out to Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger.

The 5-piece band includes Richard Hopkin, Jason Erickson, Matthew Bolton, Robert Glaves and Harry Withers, who mimed to the Rocky Balboa theme throughout the video.

The video has had thousands of hits, with both current and former pupils sharing it on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Midshire has donated £150 to the school’s fundraising campaign.

Sport Relief is an annual event, which runs at the end of March in an attempt to raise money to change, lives in the UK and abroad. In the UK the money is used to provide shelter to young people living on the streets and protection to those living with domestic abuse. While across the world, the money helps children into education, provides communities with fresh water and vaccinations.

St Cyres are are a new customer of Midshire with 17 devices and PaperCut software being installed over the Easter holidays, ready for the staff and students when they return for their summer term.

Visit to donate.