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Midshire brings first of its kind ‘IGZO’ technology to 100% Optical

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Office technology sales and service provider Midshire, is excited to announce it will be showcasing the first of its kind IGZO, ultra-high-definition signage solutions at 100% Optical 2017.

Sharp Business Systems UK Plc, is the first in the world to successfully manufacture and mass produce this ultra-high-definition technology.

Leading the way in digital display, IGZO is a display made with artificially produced transparent crystalline oxide semiconductors. Composed of indium, gallium, zinc and oxygen, IGZO is a revolutionary, multi-award winning technology, that achieves what no other display has been able to. Sharp’s visual solutions are revolutionising the world of new-generation, 4k ultra-high-definition devices.

The screens are being showcased at 100% Optical, by Midshire, ‘Best Office Technology Supplier in the UK‘ at the UK Corporate Excellence Awards 2016. An industry leading supplier of technology solutions for business, and a Sharp Centre of Excellence, Midshire has a complete portfolio of products; specialising in print solutions, IT services and business telecommunications.

OpticalMidshire Technology Sales Manager, Stuart Carruthers comments on this new technology: “We are really excited to bring this new, world-leading technology to 100% Optical.

“These ultra-high-definition, in-store signage solutions are the perfect platform to advertise products, brands and services; grabbing the attention of potential customers and helping stimulate footfall. By showcasing products, brands and services 24-

hours a day, on quality displays such as ours, its proven to help increase sales and brand awareness, especially in retail environments.

“Our interactive, touchscreen panels mean customers can interact with your adverts and product range 24-hours a day. If linked up to a company’s website, they can even ‘click today and wear tomorrow’.”

A major strength of IGZO technology is in its low power consumption. Previous screens had to overwrite still image data, but IGZO keeps it without overwriting, even when the power is off. For this reason, it reduces power consumption to a fifth or even a tenth that of conventional screens, also contributing greatly to a longer battery life.

Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn recently acquired Sharp Business Systems UK Plc, investing £2.4bn into the company, becoming a 66% majority stakeholder and securing the future of Sharp as a company, that is widely known across the globe.

Visit stand B60 in the 100% Business zone, at 100% Optical Trade Show at the Excel Arena from the 4th to the 6th of February, for a demonstration of this and many other leading technology solutions from Midshire.

Be the spectacle of your high street! Find out more or to book a full demonstration for your practice, contact Midshire on: 03300 414 570