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Manchester experiences X-Efficiency

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Midshire hosted an exclusive technology event with business partner Lexmark UK on the 17th September at the fabulous venue of Great John Street Hotel.

Lexmark approached Midshire’s Nick Rose at the start of summer, asking him to organise an event to showcase their latest software – Accuread Automate and Solutions Composer. These solutions simplify workflows and reduce human error associated with scanning documents to email or folder.

The software increases office efficiency, so the term X-Efficiency was adopted as the event brand. X-Efficiency is defined as: A company’s ability to use its workers, machines and technology to produce maximum output at the lowest cost and as quickly as possible.

25 elite business people from companies such as Kay Johnson Gee, HCC Solicitors and Laytons attended the afternoon event, and used the time as a networking event as well as to learn about Lexmark’s software.

Damian Pothecary and Dwayne Cowans, who have worked with Midshire for many years, led the Lexmark presentation. The presentation consisted of a live demonstration of the software, and showed how much time can be saved from using the software as well as reducing the chance of duplication and the loss of data.

Midshire also invited a guest speaker, Kevin Taylor, to deliver a presentation about the skills of listening, influencing and leadership and how they tie in with business management.

Kevin is the ex head hostage negotiator for Greater Manchester Police, who has over 27 years experience in a wide variety of policing disciplines. His experience includes both overt and covert policing roles; from walking the beat as a uniformed officer to Chief Inspector operations on a large division of Greater Manchester, and as head of the Greater Manchester Police Hostage Negotiation Unit.

Kevin’s presentation was fantastic. He demonstrated how the skills a hostage negotiator acquires, are transferable to people working in businesses such as sales, banking, accountancy or law. He applied the theory of listening to hostage situations that he had experienced during his time as a hostage negotiator, which completely captivated the audience.

Midshire would like to thank Great John Street Hotel, Lexmark, Kevin Taylor and everyone who attended for helping make the event a success.