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Keep Ahead with Ricoh UK

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Established in 1936 in Japan, Ricoh has always been an innovator of technology products. In 1987 they pioneered the multifunctional digital copier. As the firstRicoh UK manufacturer to introduce multi-functional products, Ricoh reduced the need for offices to invest in multiple devices (fax machine, photocopier, printer) in order to ensure they had all the necessary equipment. Growing from strength to strength, the organisation sponsored the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992 and went on to launch the world’s fastest colour copier in 1995.


Ricoh UK provides a diverse range of products for the business sector and as such is one of our key technology partners. Primarily we specialise in Ricoh photocopiers, however this is only one area of their business. As a Ricoh Prestige Partner we have access to the complete portfolio of business solutions. 

Products to Meet your Diverse Demands

Ricoh produces more than just office printers and photocopiers; they also supply a range of high tech products that can help your business meet its greater technology needs. Ricoh’s large print production devices, such as the Pro C range, are able to provide professional, production-standard results, through digital production technology. Going even further, Ricoh also supplies extremely large, multi million-pound print devices for financial service organisations.

Some of Ricoh’s newer developments include the Theta camera, a device that is able to capture a fully spherical panoramic scene with just one shot. Launched in 2013, this handheld, go- anywhere device is incredibly popular in the consumer market at sporting events and festivals to capture memories perfectly. 

Enhance your Team’s Collaboration

Ricoh UK has also branched out into the world of collaboration with its conferencing tools. Unified communications, both through systems and apps are able to integrate video, audio, text and interactive media on a conferencing device that can be used for meetings between different offices.

Ricoh has a selection of interactive whiteboards that are ideal for presentations in business and education environments, helping to enhance productivity across your team or classroom. Ricoh interactive whiteboards are high quality, high-resolution displays that are cost-effective and perfect for creating a dynamic working environment. 

Benefits of Ricoh Technology

Keeping your business up-to-date with the latest technology is essential. Ricoh brings you an opportunity to collaborate, communicate and coordinate more effectively as a business, with its ever-evolving product range.

Employing an array of technology is particularly beneficial for businesses with multiple offices and large teams. It can save huge amounts of time, money and travelling. With the opportunity for higher productivity alongside great print quality, your office could become a really high-tech environment. 

Ricoh UK and Midshire Partnership

We have been working with Ricoh UK for over 15 years and just last year we were named Ricoh’s fastest growing dealer.

Here at Midshire we are a Ricoh Prestige partner, giving us access to Ricoh’s full portfolio of products in order to give you the highest possible diversity in product range, competitive pricing and benefits as well as specialist support and training. Our team looks to help businesses work smartly with the latest Ricoh technology solutions.

If you’re looking to expand your office’s technology, get in touch with us today.