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MD Julian discusses data security at UKFast Round Table

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UKFast holds a fortnightly round table debate covering topical issues such as social engagement, analytics and most recently data security.

 The 28th of January is Data Privacy Day, so this round table event was timely, and encouraged experts from companies including PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cisco and IBM to meet and share their insight into the growing threat faced by business and the subsequent importance of keeping data secure.

 Midshire’s MD Julian Stafford was invited to attend this round table, following his presentation at a ProManchester breakfast meeting back in 2013 where he discussed issues associated with data security and Multifunctional Printing devices (MFPs).

Many people are unaware that the MFP in their office contains a hard-drive, which stores a copy of every document to ever pass through it; be it scanned, copied, printed or faxed. The amount of confidential information stored on these devices, such as passport photocopies, bank statements, or legal documents after 5 or so years can be immense, and could easily get into the wrong hands if the machine is sold on without the hard drive being wiped.

Following the recent Snowdon and NSA revelations, the importance of data security is being realised by businesses large and small, and the UKFast round table attendees demonstrated how significant it is for us to be more conscious of data accessibility to both internal and external threats.

Top tips for Data Security, without breaking the bank

 Keep up to date – Ensure all servers are up to date, and all devices are up to date, even things in the browser including java & flash.

Password complexity – ensure you use a range of letters, numbers and cases in every password.

 Two Step Authentication – there are options to have dual protection, so it is not just your password protecting your information.

 Encryption – anything that is physical that you would lock in a safe, do the same for the online data.

 Backup – store digital copies of work, photographs, videos, music and other valuable information on an external hard drive, or back it up to the cloud.

The UKFast round table events are recorded and more videos can be found on YouTube: