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Streamline Your Business with IT Consultancy

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Downtime reduction

Regardless of your business’  industry and size, IT downtime can be a major concern, and all businesses should look to invest in an infrastructure that keeps it to a minimum. According to ERS IT Solutions, IT consultancy saves businesses $1.55 million every year by reducing downtime, but the benefits of outsourcing and consultancy are not limited to the financial. It is estimated that a loss in productivity due to IT faults costs businesses over 14 hours every year. IT consultancy fundamentally seeks to assist companies by dealing with complicated and arduous processes that slow business down, ultimately removing unnecessary pressure, and empowering them to sell their services.

Here are some more statistics that illustrate the need for Managed IT Consultancy:

Annual cost of an unmanaged computer: $5000

Average time spent resolving IT-related downtime: 200 Minutes

Average time employees spend fixing IT problems: 30 minutes

Average monthly IT spend per user in a company: $700

Average portion of annual revenue small businesses spend on IT: 6.4%

Downtime solutions

We understand that no two businesses are the same, and one size certainly does not fit all. Midshire offers a comprehensive range of professional IT consultancy services, tailor-made to fit any organisation. We work closely with businesses to understand their specific needs, and design and implement an appropriate infrastructure.

The primary objective of a managed IT consultancy service is to reduce downtime, whether that be through removing failing technology, rectifying issues quickly, or streamlining the environment.

Office 365 migration

One of Midshire’s most popular IT consultancy services is migrating Office 365. A cloud-based service, Office 365 incorporates the whole Microsoft suite, including: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and Outlook into one easily accessible platform. While Office 365 is a simple user-friendly system, migrating from an existing platform can be complex. Typically with in-house setup, there is an increased risk of incorrect or incomplete configuration that can ultimately lead to more downtime. There is also a risk that features may not be communicated to staff in their entirety, meaning useful functions could be missed. Outsourcing Office 365 migration to one of Midshire’s experienced and qualified IT consultants is the best way for your business to unlock its full potential.

Investing in IT consultancy goes further than reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Outsourcing migration to Midshire can also have notable financial benefits. A CompTIA survey reported that 46% of companies reduced their annual IT-related expenditure by 25% when consulting an external IT professional. It also gives you the opportunity to circumvent long-lasting and costly staff training, whilst ensuring your Office 365 is operating at full capacity.

Moreover, an in-house IT framework governed by members of staff does not have to adhere to any specific standard. Whilst Midshire always strives to achieve the highest standard of consultancy, our contracts are governed by Service Level Agreements that guarantee a high level of service, responsibility, and availability.