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HP PageWide leading the way in next generation printing

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HP_PageWide_Printer_DesktopIn a world where business moves fast and demands are high, your office technology should have the capacity to keep up and meet your day-to-day requirements. Whether you are a small start-up or you are a national corporation, your technology devices should be designed to cope with a busy office environment.

HP has recently introduced PageWide printers; a range of devices perfectly suited for business printing. PageWide devices challenge the limits of conventional printing, enabling you to do more and do it even faster. Allowing you to reach new levels of performance and efficiency, HP have utilised advanced technology to improve your business printing processes.

What is HP PageWide Technology?

HP PageWide technology utilises the technology built for HP’s Web Press digital printers, which allows the PageWide devices go above and beyond to meet your business printing requirements.

But what is one of its most prevalent features? Put simply – it’s speed! The top model in the PageWide range can produce up to 70 pages a minute, which is on par with most light production photocopiers, never mind a desktop printer!

Its fixed print head with 42,240 nozzles ensure utmost precision and produce ink drops with uniform weight and speed to ensure that your printing is carried out to perfection. What’s more, it’s only the paper that moves, not the print head, a feature that allows for fast printing.

We should also take a look at the inks. The HP pigment inks allow for controlled interactions on the paper. Rapid drying and dark, crisp text provide consistency, while its automatic nozzle health sensing means any problems are noticed immediately.

PageWide Range of printers and photocopiers

HP PageWide PrinterHP currently produce six different models of PageWide devices, ranging from a simple printer to a pro multifunctional device. There is a printer in the range for every business. As with many printers now, there are excellent security features. In fact, HP describe their security features as ‘best in class’.

Designed with business in mind, these devices can be leased on a Midshire managed print service, so all maintenance and ink cartridges are provided as part of the service.

Why should you consider a HP PageWide printer for your office?

PageWide devices give professional quality and compatibility for high demand work places. As mentioned, at page speeds of 70 pages a minute, these devices are way ahead of the competition.

One other main factor to consider is cost. These printers deliver top speeds but actually use less energy and have lower overall print costs.

If you’re missing an HP PageWide printer from your office, contact us today.