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How A Desktop Photocopier Can Aid Small Businesses

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Having a device such a photocopier can be essential in a lot of offices, but sometimes you don’t always want an office full of machines such as printers and scanners, especially if you are a small business. No matter what the size of your business, it is always handy to find a product that can save you space in the office and even save you money.

Having a premium quality machine such as a desktop photocopier in your office can have many benefits, especially as many of them are now multifunctional and can fax, scan and print as well as their main function of photocopying. Here at Midshire we provide a full range of desktop photocopiers that will fulfil your office’s needs.

Cost Saving

A main priority of a small business could be keeping costs down. In honesty, this can be a priority with a lot of businesses where profit is key. A compact device such as a desktop photocopier is ideal in this sense as it is more cost efficient than larger machines, especially if it offers multiple functions too.

On top of this, your smaller desktop device won’t require as much electricity as a larger photocopier, meaning you will not only be using less electricity for the environment but also saving money on your bills.

Space Saving

If you work in a particularly small office, a desktop photocopier is ideal. Due its compact size, it will fit quite happily on the end of your desk therefore freeing up a lot more room for other office essentials. It is important to note that the size of the machine does not limit the functionality so this is great if you are struggling to fit in a stand-alone photocopier.


As the desktop photocopier will generally fit close to your workspace, this can improve productivity and efficiency. You can easily save time during the day by placing the device near your desk, and most desktop photocopiers will accommodate printing from a USB or an iPad too, making this a very convenient and easy to use multifunctional device.

High Quality

The size of the desktop photocopier does not compromise on quality, with the print quality and functionality being just as good as a bigger appliance. Multifunctional desktop photocopiers can carry out tasks such as scan to email and other jobs that are useful in an office environment. Printing on a desktop photocopier is seamless and can be done in black and white or colour.

At Midshire we work with leading photocopier manufacturers such as Lexmark, Sharp and Ricoh to make sure we bring you products that will do the job.