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Hadrian’s Wall Challenge

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This year Midshire Business Systems is taking on a strenuous challenge by aiming to walk the full length of Hadrian’s Wall. The Midshire team is walking in aid of The National Institute of Conductive Education.

Hadrian’s Wall is an 85 mile course across the width of the country, commencing in Wallsend on the west coast and finishing at Bowness-on-Solway on the east coast.  The challenge is expected to last 6 days.

Facts about Hadrian’s Wall

• Hadrian’s Wall was first built in AD122
• Construction was largely completed in six years
• The structure was built in stone
• At the time it was first built, the wall would have been 8-10 feet wide and 15 feet tall
• Emperor Hadrian built Hadrian’s Wall as a defensive structure to keep the Picts out of Roman land.
• In 1987 it became a World Heritage Site


National Trail Summer Passport

As part of the walk we will be taking on the National Trail Summer Passport Challenge. All walkers will be stopping at a number of historical sites along the way, where a stamp will be provided. Once all seven stamps have been acquired a Completion Badge and Certificate can be obtained.


• The Banks Promenade (Bowness-on-Solway) or The Kings Arms (Bowness-on-Solway)
• Sands Centre (Carlisle)
• Birdoswald Roman Fort (near Gilsland)
• Housesteads Roman Fort (near Bardon Mill)
• Chesters Roman Fort (Chollerford)
• Robin Hood Inn (near Whittledene Reservoir)
• Segedunum Roman Fort (Wallsend)

10382839_10152167068268201_4828653941114917207_nEveryone is hoping to reach each and every landmark along the length of the course. The Completion Badge and Certificate will be a fantastic memento of the achievement.

To support the Hadrian’s Wall walk please donate to the Just Giving page.