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Hadrian’s Walk: Meet Adrienne

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Name: Adrienne Topping
Age: 28
Job Title: Marketing Manager
Where do you live? Hyde, Manchester
Time at Midshire? 2.5 years

Who is your favourite co-worker and why?
Toss up between Nick Rose and Daniel Bridgeman, both big personalities and have the ability to make me cry with laughter. They are both united fans, but I suppose no one’s perfect.


Why have you decided to take on the Hadrian’s Wall walk?
I love a challenge and the sense of achievement.  I’ve been trying to improve my fitness levels and if we can raise some money at the same time then bonus for me.

What walking experience do you have, if any?
I do like to get outdoors and am a regular at Dovestones, the Derwent Valley and Werneth Low country park, walking my French bulldog Buster. But nothing to the levels of the Hadrian’s wall challenge.

What are you looking forward to the most about the challenge?
I’m looking forward to the fantastic views and site seeing. The teamwork and camaraderie and hopefully plenty of banter.

What are you looking forward to least about the challenge?
Leaving my dog Buster at home. I will really miss him. Also not getting into my own bed at night will be tough.

How physically fit would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10?
Probably a 5, I’ve just started running at the weekend, but don’t get to the gym as often as I’d like.

What is your personal fundraising target?


What are the 3 things you are taking that you couldn’t leave at home?

1: iPhone
2: Shewee
3: inhaler

Favourite chocolate bar?
Galaxy – Isn’t it every girls favourite?

If you could have a superpower what would it be?
Got to be flying, it would be much quicker to fly the distance than walk.

Which celebrity would play you in a movie about your life?
Charlize Theron

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