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Finishing capabilities to increase office efficiency

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Most people are aware of the options available when it comes to printing documents in the office. However, in terms of the time it takes to prepare documents, printing is often just a small fraction of the job.

A printer with built in finishing capabilities can help you to save time and increase productivity in other areas. A printer with these options is going to be more expensive than a standard laser printer, but the time it will save your business could be priceless.

Here are some of the options available in modern printers:

Multiple packet printing

A printer with multiple packet printing can produce things such as booklets in consecutive order. This saves you the trouble of having to go through and order everything yourself. Packet printing is one of the most basic finishing option offered.


Automatic hole punching

Rather than producing documents which you later have to manually punch holes in, a printer with this feature will do it automatically for you. A great time saving option if you frequently have to produce documents for ring binders; an automatic punching machine will ensure that they come out of the printer ready to be filed away.


Automatic Folding

A monotonous and boring task, folding hundreds of documents can be very time consuming. A printer with automatic folding will do this job for you, allowing your staff to put their time to better use. Automatic folding printers can be set to perform any type of fold you require.


Automatic Stapling

Distributing as many staples as you need to your document, this is a great option if you are producing brochures or booklets. Like folding, stapling is often a monotonous and time consuming job. An automatic stapler can remove a lot of hassle.

These features are not standalone on high end printers; one or more of them can be done in succession. Combining finishing features will allow you to complete your work in a more efficient manner. Having your office printer reduce the amount of time you spend on time consuming tasks can be an asset to your business.

Does your office use a printer with finishing capabilities? Which ones do you find most helpful? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.