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Ergonomic office equipment not available for all

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A recent survey conducted by Jabra and YouGov has highlighted the fact that there is a large demographic divide concerning the availability of ergonomic office equipment.

While office printers and photocopiers may make regular appearances across the UK nowadays, employees in a number of sectors are still working without ergonomic equipment.

For instance, the survey showed that IT professionals are more likely to have access to ergonomic mice, and engineers have more adjustable tables in the office than any other sectors.

Finance departments have the least available ergonomic equipment though, with just 16 per cent of UK professionals in these departments using adjustable tables. This is compared to the 32 per cent in the IT sector.

The survey also found that those with a higher level of education are more likely to ask their superiors for ergonomic equipment. In fact, you’re twice as likely to ask for help if you have Ph.D than someone only educated up to secondary school level.

The country you work is also a deciding factor. UK office workers have a 20 per cent chance of being able to use equipment, whereas Japanese office employees have just a 7 per cent chance.

Ergonomic equipment can be incredibly beneficial though, with 94 per cent of those surveyed saying they saw a clear increase in output after switching to a wireless headset.

So, while businesses may now provide their employees with newfangled solutions such as mobile printing and work tracking systems, but ergonomic equipment is still a long way off.