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Efficient Video Conferencing

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Communication anytime, anywhere. 

Our innovative video conferencing solution integrates video, audio, text and interactive media. This is the ideal solution for flexible and efficient video conferencing.

Flexible, secure HD video conferencing.

Ultra portable, easy operation

Eliminates the need for a dedicated conference room, allowing you to organise video conference calls from any location. Our video conferencing gives you a smooth, high quality video streaming with automatic control of resolution and frame rate.

HD quality with wide viewing angle

Outstanding video quality is matched by high quality speaker and microphone technology. The embedded HD camera gives outstanding quality allowing a more natural one-to-one conversation.


Versatile, scalable video conferencing 

Our conferencing unit can be used for a wide range of video conferencing applications. For larger conferences external microphone, speakers and cameras can be connected, making and flexible and scalable conferencing solution. The remote control operation makes it easy to manage video conferences including large group sessions.

Outstanding audio quality and secure data sharing 

The sound clarity is exceptional making speech clear and audible. You are also able to integrate your PC data so that participants can share displays of spreadsheets, text documents and other data for interactive multimedia conference sessions. Audio and video data encryption ensures secure conference sessions. Both the camera and microphone can be turned off remotely should confidentially be needed during a conference call.