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Does a 3D printer have a place in the office?

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3D printing, which is also known as additive manufacturing, involves making a 3D solid object from a digital file. This is achieved by building the model up layer by layer. Whilst 3D printing is becoming more popular in many industries, it’s not often used in the office, but here are a few benefits of having a 3D printer in the office as opposed to outsourcing your 3D printing requirements.

Bring your products quicker to market

One of the main benefits of purchasing a 3D printer is the accelerated time to market. There is no denying that 3D printing is a rapid process. However, the notion that it only takes a couple of days to get models back is a myth. In most instances, it will take about a week. This is because the process is segmented; as there are design review meetings, order placement and approvals. However, if you have a 3D printer in your office you can develop the model you require in a matter of hours.

Keep designs confidential

By not using another company for your 3D printing requirements, you will benefit from greater confidentiality. Of course, all companies are obligated to keep details of your orders private. However, nowadays, there are increased risks in terms of breaches. Thus, if you have a 3D printer in-house, you can be in complete control of your designs to ensure that they are safeguarded and turn out exactly how you want them.

Reduce expenditure

There is no denying that one of the most compelling reasons to use a 3D printer in your office is the fact that you will be able to reduce business expenditure by a considerable degree. In a lot of cases, it can cost anything from three to five times as much to have a design printed by another company. Therefore, you do not have to be using the 3D printer on a regular basis in order to make considerable savings. Not only this, but you will make other savings too, and this is in regards to lower manufacturing errors, time to market savings, and not having to wait for prototypes to return.

On top of this, you can reduce any potential mistakes by fine-tuning design details before any costly errors are made.

Stay ahead of the curve

Last but not least, you can gain a competitive edge through frequent prototyping. You need to react quickly and constantly by trying to create new products and innovations if you are to stand out from the competition, and having a 3D printer in the office is the most effective way of doing this.

There are many advantages to gain by investing in a 3D printer for your office. Not only will you be able to reduce expenditure, but you will also be able to reduce manufacturing errors, gain a competitive edge and benefit from improved confidentiality. Here at Midshire we have an excellent selection and can help you choose the best one for your business.