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Connection Voucher Scheme

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The Connection Voucher Scheme will be extended by 12 months to March 2016; with additional cities expected to be included with the Scheme from April 2015.

More than 5000 vouchers have been issued to date, and  superfast broadband has now reached more than one million businesses across the UK. As a registered supplier Midshire are keen to enable businesses to migrate over to a much quicker and powerful connectivity.

Give your business a boost

Being able to use the internet is supposed to speed things up and not slow them down. If you are one of the selected cities and you are running a small or medium sized business (SME), a social enterprise or a charity, you could qualify for funding. Under the Connection Voucher Scheme, the Government is handing out up to £3000 per business towards the cost of connecting to a faster, better internet connection.

Why businesses should upgrade to a faster internet connection.

A much faster or high-quality line could change the way you work and improve productivity. Having the right technology in place can also give you a head start over your competitors at home and abroad, and help your business grow.

With broadband that offers a reliable and consistent speed, you are able to:

Improve Productivity 

Transfer large files in minutes at the touch of a button. A faster response means you can offer a better service to your customers and suppliers

Improve Customer Service

Having a faster, more reliable internet connection means you can keep in touch with your customers through emails and social media. So you will never miss those important messages or let your customers down.

Use the Cloud 

With bandwidth hungry applications like Cloud Computing will run as they are intended; fast, seamless and interruption free

Are you eligible?