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Conductive Education – an insight

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The Foundation for Conductive Education is a charity based at the National Institute for Conductive Education in Birmingham. The Institute works to improve the lives of children and adults with neurological motor disorders through the training and practice of Conductive Education.

The Institute offers a number of solutions to children and adults of all ages.
Children aged 0-3 years can partake in the Parent and Child Service. This service aims to develop motor, social and cognitive skills according to the needs of the child.

Sebastian Jauncey

It is very clear that many children and their families have been helped by Conductive Education and the work the foundation do. Midshire employee, Richard Jauncey (54) and his son Sebastian, now 16, was supported by Conductive Education thirteen years ago. Midshire is delighted to be supporting this very worthwhile foundation.


Thirteen members of staff are walking the entire length of Hadrian’s Wall (85 miles) to raise funds for the cause. The Foundation relies heavily on donations, so Midshire is hoping to raise as much as possible to ensure that more children and adults can be supported in the way the Richard and his son were.

Read the full story here: Hadrian’s Wall Charity Challenge


Case Studies

Some of the case studies from the Institute really highlight the excellent work that goes on.

Ava lacked motivation and was often frustrated before attending Conductive Education. However, with the support of the Institute she was given the opportunity to fulfil her potential, and the results have been amazing.


Francesca  Francesca
  Francesca said ‘Conductive Education has helped me get back  everything I had lost, and given me more confidence in myself and my abilities.’

Francesca continued with Conductive Education until the age of 16.

Haris has achieved amazing results since attending Conductive Education. He was experiencing general developmental delay. However, with Conductive Education he has started crawling, and eventually walked into the kitchen. Haris is now confident enough to cope with mainstream nursery. Haris has developed his communication and mobility skills, and is now moving on to more complex goals.

Josh Josh
Josh is another young boy who received help through Conductive Education. As physiotherapy was in short supply, and waiting lists for therapists and equipment lengthy, Conductive Education stepped in to help.

Josh’s Mum said, ‘I believe that without Conductive Education, Josh wouldn’t be the active little boy that he is today.’

Josh’s Mum values the support offered to parents as well. The guidance and support from conductors, and friendships with other mums is important. It is comforting to be with those in a similar situation.

Please support the cause by donating to the ‘JustGiving’ page:

Find out more about The National Institute for Conductive Education.