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Bring your own device

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Bring your own device

The new revolution happening in the working environment. Employees are bringing in their own devices and expecting full access to both business and personal applications at all times.

Why? Your employees are already doing it …

95% of workers have used their own devices at work

21% have at least one apple device they use for work

80% of professionals will use at least 2 personal devices to access corporate systems

Pros of Bringing your own device

1. It can save you money

Technology is moving at such a pace most businesses cannot afford to kit their own staff out with the latest tablets, smartphones and computers. For a small business, buying new IT equipment for new staff as they grow can be expensive. Letting your staff use their own devices, might be the solution.

2. Your employees can get more done

Why consign someone who has spent all of their life using an Apple computer to working in an unfamiliar PC. The simple fact is that people work faster, smarter, better when they use a device they are comfortable with.

3. More flexibility

The modern working day no longer takes place between 9-5 on a weekday. BYOD means you no longer have to be chained to one computer or phone. Work anytime, anywhere.

4. You’ll save energy

The risks

1. Data loss

Embracing Bring your own Device can leave you open to losing data. With many devices, it can be a struggle to manage and provide security for all of them.

2. Are your staff using the right devices?

They might be happier and more comfortable using a device they know, however that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s equipped to deal with the task they need to perform at work rather than at home. Running software programs and storing files is a lot more demanding than browsing the internet and going on Facebook.

The bottom line is, there really isn’t anything to be afraid of as long as you have a BYOD policy in place.