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Best Office Photocopier – Top 5 for Business Use

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As one of the country’s leading suppliers of office photocopiers and printers we are constantly being asked about which products we would recommend. The term ‘office photocopier’ can be used to describe almost any photocopier or MFP, as different businesses have a variety of requirements, from colour or mono, different print speeds and various finishing equipment. However, an office photocopier tends to describe a floor standing device that is used by an office.

With over 13,500 customer machines across the UK you can rest assured we know our photocopiers. We’ve picked our top 5 devices for business, based on both popularity,  functionality and reliability. All of these devices can be placed on a managed print service, and leased using on of our leasing partners.


Ricoh MP C4503 Multifunctional office photocopier

Overview: The Ricoh MP C4503 copier is ideal for any business, with its exceptional print quality and colour printing. It can handle jobs effectively and improve productivity with its ability to print and scan up to 45 pages per minute. Advanced featurBest office Photocopier Ricohes of this Ricoh copier make it a great asset to any growing business.

PPM: 45
Storage: 2GB
Warm Up Speed: 20 seconds

Ideal For: Legal or Accountancy Firms
BLI Awards: A3 MFP line of the year 2015 and A3 Energy line of the year 2015

Favourite Features: The Ricoh MP C4503 is considered one of the most environmentally friendly business photocopiers on the market. Fastest ever warm up times mean that sleep mode can be used during the working day without reducing productivity. It uses 31% less energy than the 2014 MPC4501, which equates to an energy saving of 41KW. The addition of the ‘stapleless stapler’ to the device means there is no need to remove staples when shredding and recycling the document.

Reasons why customers love the Ricoh MP C4503: The MP C4503 offers versatile paper handling. The bypass tray allows users to print on SRA3 paper, so full-bleed A3 documents can be produced. Additional benefits include up-to 300gsm paper and envelope handling from tray 2.


Sharp MX-6500 Multifunctional Photocopier

Overview: As we are Europe’s No.1 Reseller of this particular product, we know how well they would benefit your business. The MX-6500’s superb quality and light production technology brings you brilliant features, such as edge-to-edge booklet printing; the perfect office photocopier for marketing departments amongst other areas of your business.

Sharp-Office-PhotocopierPPM: 65
Storage: 1TB HDD
Warm Up Speed: 90 seconds

Ideal For: In-house Marketing Departments or Outsource Printing Companies
BLI Awards: Pick for Outstanding 61-70ppm A3 colour MFP Summer 2015

Favourite Features: Our favourite feature has to be the edge-to-edge booklet printer finisher. The MX-6500’s optional trimmer feature enables users to produce booklets that are up-to outsourced printing standards. The printer is able to print right to the top and bottom of the pages and trimmer cuts off a few mm off the end of the booklet, so there is no need to invest in a guillotine for your booklets and no need to outsource the job to a professional printing company.

Reasons why customers love the Sharp MX-6500: Aside from the edge-to-edge printing, which is a firm favourite amongst all our customers, the un-interrupted printing is regularly praised. The optional trays 5 & 6 use the unique air-feed technology, which results in fewer jams than traditional paper feeds, therefore meaning that print jobs are more reliable. Additionally, you can load paper and toner cartridges during the print job without stopping the printer, so you can be sure that there will be no delays.


Lexmark XS748de All-in-One Printer

Overview: This all-in-one printer from Lexmark is high quality and firm favourite amongst offices all over the country. A desktop all-in-one, this Lexmark printer offers functionality and a range of finishing options you need to run a productive office. You have the option toLexmark-Office-Photocopier tailor your printing solutions depending on your print, copy, scan and fax requirements.

PPM: 35
Storage: 512MB (standard) up to 1536MB (optional)
Warm Up Speed: 9 seconds

Ideal For: Medium Sized Offices – that print a variety of documents

Favourite Features: Lexmark solutions are one of the main reasons why we like the Lexmark devices. With the XS748de, there are a number of solutions available including: Capture and Route, which allows users to capture, share and store their documents, and benefit from increased efficiencies. The Scan to Network option, allows you to capture a digital image of hard copy documents and route them to a shared network folder, ensuring the file is immediately available to anyone with access to the folder. Capture and Route also works with SharePoint and Hard-Drives.

Reasons why customers love the Lexmark XS748de: The professional colour quality of the Lexmark XS748de, means the device offers accurate colour matching and features that create continuity. The PANTONE colour matching  means that customers can set their brand colours and ensure that their in-house printing is as good as outsourced.


RISO ComColor 7150

Overview: Recognised as one of the world’s fastest printers, the RISO ComColor 7150 can print 120 pages per minute and offers a great product if you need to print high volumes of documents for low cost. This market-leading product from RISO UK is a versatile printer with bespoke requirements. We are your key partner for delivering RISO print solutions.Riso Office Photocopier

PPM: 120
Storage: 1GB
Warm Up Speed: 2 minutes 45 seconds

Ideal For: Education

Favourite Features: Print speed has to be the best feature of this printer, making it an ideal business photocopier. It’s 120ppm print speeds means it takes just 8.3 minutes to print 1,000 full colour single sided sheets of paper on the ComColor 7050, compared to 25 minutes on a conventional colour business photocopier.

Reasons why customers love the RISO Comcolor 7150: The auto-colour mode on the RISO ComColor 7150 means that users save money and ink on their printing. For documents that have a mixture of colour and monochrome pages, the auto colour detection reduces costs by detecting the presence or absence of colour.


Toshiba e-STUDIO 5055CSE office photocopier

Overview: Ideal for business start-ups or small offices, the Toshiba e-STUDIO 5055CSE office photocopier produces crystal-clear images, texts and graphics with a steady output speed. An extremely compact multifunctional system, the Toshiba E-STUDIO range comes with optional software that gives you document security and such.

Office Photocopier ToshibaPPM: 50
Storage: 320GB HDD
Warm Up Speed: 12 seconds

Ideal For: Busy Office Environments – with limited space.

Favourite Features: 
Toshiba eBridge Re-Rite software enables you to convert hard copies into editable and searchable files, while Toshiba Secure HDD allows for state-of-the-art document security, making it both a functional and and secure device.

Reasons why customers love the Toshiba e-STUDIO 2555CSE: 
The Toshiba E-Studio range is extremely compact, meaning it fits in almost every office, without the users having to compromise on specification. This means that customers are able to have a high-specification multifunctional device, without sacrificing on office space.