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Avoid running up a high bill this World Cup

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Over the coming days, thousands of England football fans will be making their way to Brazil for the World Cup 2014. If you are one of those ensure that you take the following into consideration to ensure that your main memory of the tournament isn’t a huge mobile phone bill. Although international call charges on the European Union have fallen, roaming charges in countries like Brazil can be much higher.

If you are not careful, all of those ‘selfies’ you upload on social media could potentially cost you hundreds of pounds. Here are a few tip Midshire have put together to help you avoid an unexpected high bill.

Tell your provider

Ensure that you contact your network provider for information on whether your phone will work in Brazil and how much it will cost to use the services.

At the same time check to see whether there are an additional bundles or packages you can purchase in order to use certain services.

Turn off data roaming

Smartphone and 3G/4G enabled tablet computers automatically seek out mobile connections and use them to update apps even when you are not actively using them. Be safe and ensure you turn off your data roaming before you go.

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Don’t know how to turn off your data?

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