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Ask The Expert – Ricoh MP C300

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What a difference 21 years makes to photocopier technology!
There is a new kid on the block: the Ricoh MP C300, a speedy, compact economical, A4 Copy, Print, Scan and optional Fax system. Let’s compare this to another ground-breaking colour system from Ricoh from back in the nineties – the Ricoh NC100!

Ricoh introduced the world’s first colour photocopier – the NC100, over 20 years ago. By today’s standards it was huge, slow and expensive to run. The MP C300, on the other hand, is compact, fast, in-expensive to run and produces very high quality copies and prints. Midshire’s Senior Sales Consultant, Richard Flynn compares the two machines below:

“With the Ricoh NC100, you had to carefully fill up each toner hopper with loose toner from a bottle. That’s 4 bottles – black, cyan, yellow and magenta, and very often the wrong colour toner was tipped into the wrong hopper. Even if done correctly, it was very messy with contamination of the colours occurring all too easily. Not so with the Ricoh MP C300, the toner is safely and cleanly stored in individual cartridges that can only go in the correct slotslot.

Loading paper has changed since then too, now you just pull out the paper draw and load a whole ream of paper at a time with the additional paper trays. On the Ricoh NC100, paper cassettes slotted in at the side and had to be withdrawn from the machine, and only half a pack could be loaded.

No such thing as document feeders or automatic double sided copying on the Ricoh NC100 so copying was a very laborious affair, now the Ricoh MP C300 comes with an automatic double siding document feeder and double sided copying and printing.

As an analogue copier you couldn’t print anything to the Ricoh NC100. The Ricoh MP C300 is digital and will connect to your network as standard so you can print and also scan back to your PC’s or Mac’s, or even from a USB stick or SD card.

That’s it as far as comparing features between the two systems go but the Ricoh MP C300 still has a lot more up its sleeve, an initiative touch screen control panel making accessing all the features very easy with the screen offering different display for each function. Fast warm up, easy on the electricity bill.

In summary, you are going to get big machine features in a compact machine. This is not a low volume A4 machine like many other products that can sit on a desk; but shares the same high quality and productivity as it larger A3 brothers as it uses the same print engine and subsequently has the same low print cost.

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