• Overview


RISO Masters

RISO MastersRISO masters were developed specifically for the RISO printing process and are a key component of a RISO digital duplicator. A master works in the following way: a document is either scanned or sent via a PC to the risograph. The document is then digitally reproduced onto a master sheet. The master sheet is then wrapped around a RISO drum, which turns at high speed.  A sheet of paper passes underneath the ink drum producing prints.

The master can be used multiple times, so the same document can be ‘duplicated’ hundreds or even thousands of times, at speeds of up to 185ppm (the standard printer is about 30-40ppm).

Features & Benefits of RISO Masters

• Allow the same document to be re-produced many times over at speed of up to 185ppm.
• Ideal for one or two colour printing.
• The more you print, the lower the cost.
• Midshire is the number one RISO re-seller in Europe
• Midshire only sells genuine RISO supplies