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Free Print Audit

As part of our Managed Print Service, Midshire offers a free print auditing service to review in depth your office document printing, including factors such as: monthly document volumes (both colour and mono), energy used in powering equipment, paper costs and a detailed look at all expenditure linked to the area of office printing and photocopying.

free print auditTo decide if you need a print audit, try and answer the below questions. If you can’t answer all of them, we recommend you request an audit for your business.

• What are the volumes being generated on all printers?
• How many printers do I have in the business?
• How much is being spent each month on printing?
• Which printers are getting the most use?

How does a Print Audit Work?

Depending on the complexity of the organisation we can conduct a print audit in a number of ways.

For larger organisations, to conduct a proper print audit, we require floor plans prior to the actual audit day. Additionally, we need someone to give basic access to the IT System (on the day) so we can take an electronic snapshot of your existing print usage. It would also be useful to receive a breakdown of your current prices for electricity and print supplies such as paper.

For smaller companies using only a couple of print devices, our specialists can often recommend a solution over the phone, or via a short meeting. This solution is very easily documented and explained via email. We can demonstrate cost savings by way of a comparison simply and transparently for you. Don’t forget, even a business using only one printer can own it on a fully managed basis, and this will be cheaper than buying toner and service as you go along.

‘I already know the exact device that my business needs’

We regularly come across companies who say they don’t need a print audit because ‘they’ve already done one themselves and they know what they need’. However, often, when our product specialists visit for an introductory meeting, they totally change the company’s perception of what they thought they needed, and introduce new ideas, which are more suited to the business and can present new solutions and technologies that you may have not heard of.

Benefits of a Managed Print Service

• Consolidation of devices within your printer fleet will give you fewer machines to run, a reduced electricity consumption and a reduction in the total cost of the solution
• Typical reductions in efficiency alone can result in up to 40% savings.
• By replacing multiple printers with one MFP, you will be reducing your electricity output.

Book a Free Print Audit

As one of the country’s most experienced print management companies, Midshire offers companies across the UK the opportunity to book a free print audit to review their current managed print service and office document output.

Midshire offers companies through out the UK a free print audit to discover the benefits of managed print and to demonstrate how a solution will work for your organisation.