Printer Photocopier and Scanner

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Printer Photocopier and Scanner

Printer Photocopier and ScannerA printer photocopier and scanner is also known as a multifunction printer. This is a device that consolidates the functionality of a printer, copier, scanner and /or fax into one machine. These devices are becoming more and more popular with businesses that want to consolidate assets, reduce costs, update old equipment and improve productivity.

Beyond just printing, copying and scanning, you need to think about additional ways you may want to use the device. Is it going to help manage documents, reduce your paper usage, simplify workflows? How much are you going to be printing, copying and scanning each day? How many users will be sharing the device? Do you want it to be capable of printing in colour as well as black and white? There is a large variety of types of printer photocopier scanners, outlined below.


Typically, an all-in-one is best-known as a small desktop photocopier designed for one user or a small work group to use. These devices focus on scan and print functionalities, and can either be networked or connected to individual computers via WiFi or HP-PageWide-586dnUSB. These printers have functionalities that focus toward small groups, so tend to have slower print speeds and poorer scan or print qualities.

Midshire has a large range of All-in-One printers from industry-leading brands such as Ricoh, Lexmark, and HP. The HP PageWide devices are the latest desktop devices to come onto the market. These inkjet printers compete as one of the fastest printers in the world.

Office MFP

Office MFPAn office MFP is a mid-sized free-standing printer photocopier and scanner that is designed to meet the needs of entire offices, or large departments. These devices tend to include the basic print, copy and scan functions with options for fax too. Office MFPs are almost always networked, so they are able to be used by multiple users.

These printer scanner photocopiers often have additional functionality such as duplexing (double sided printing), stapling, hole-punching and booklet creation (saddle-stitching).

Midshire is able to provide companies with the highest specification office MFP to meet their budget from our partners: Ricoh, Sharp, Lexmark, Toshiba and HP.

Production MFP

This printer photocopier and scanner is designed for larger businesses, print rooms, reprographic departments and commercial print operations. These devices are much larger and more expensive that office MFPs, concentrating on high-speed printing, high functionality and advanced finishing options such as booklet creation, binding and lamination.

There are many benefits to be gained by using a digital production printer, including exceptional print quality, speed and ease of use. Printing high-quality documents at super-fast speeds and using advanced in-built finishing options can lead to efficiency and savings for your organisation.

Here at Midshire we have access to the most state-of-the-art, affordable, light production printing machines on the market, covering all of the biggest brands, including Ricoh and Sharp. If you need a helping hand choosing the right printer for you, we can call on our manufacturer production specialists to consult with you and arrange machine demonstrations, so we can develop a bespoke solution that fits the exact needs of your business.

Midshire is Europe’s largest distributer of the Sharp MX6500, which is a 65 page per minute light production printer scanner photocopier. This device is able to print edge-to-edge, which is usually a feature only achievable through out-sourced printing.