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Printer Photocopiers

Also known as a multifunction printer or multifunction device, a printer photocopier is simply a printer and photocopier combined into one device, meaning you don’t need two separate devices.

Benefits of having a printer photocopier (multifunctional printer)

1. Cost savings
By acquiring one device, you scale back on expenses as you aren’t paying for two separate devices. Printer PhotocopierFor the same price, you could probably even get a higher end device.

There are also savings on consumables, as you will only need one set of ink or toner, instead of two. Maintenance is also lower because you only need to take care of one printer photocopier instead of multiple devices.

2. Convenient
The ability to scan and print a document in one device is also very convenient. You don’t have to setup two separate devices or walk to two separate locations just to do this task.

Additionally, with one device, you only need to worry about updating software and drivers for one device, rather than multiple devices, reducing IT support needed and freeing up time to get on with more important tasks.

3. Reduced waste
An MFP only uses one set of consumables, meaning you don’t have to stock-pile lots of ink and toner cartridges for different devices. By choosing an MFP you reduce the amount of consumable waste needing to be disposed.

4. Space savingDesktop Printer Photocopier
By consolidating devices into one unit, you obviously save space. If you measured the combined footprint of all your printers and copiers you will quickly see how much space you could save choosing an MFP.

Additionally, if you are really tight for space, there are many devices on the market today that combine printer and photocopying functions which can fit on a desktop.

Disadvantages of having a printer photocopier (multifunctional device)

1. If it breaks all functions will be down
The main disadvantage is that when a problem occurs, you are unlikely to be able to use any of the functions on the device. So if there is a problem with the printer, you won’t be able to photocopy and as you may have consolidated devices, you may not have a back up machine to use in its place. However, with Midshire, our Managed Print Service contract provides customers with a targeted 4 hour response for engineer visits, so you will be up and running quickly. additionally, our remote support team may be able to help issues even faster!

2. Possible lack of quality
MFP functionality may be compromised compared a standalone function-specific device, for example a standalone photocopier may have higher resolution than a printer photocopier as you are paying for extra features which will increase the overall cost of your device but could mean a trade off on quality of some functions. However, as technology improves, MFPs are constantly improving in quality.

3. Traffic jams
If your printer photocopier is not using print management software you may experience traffic jams at the copier. These occur when people are continually pressing print or photocopying. A way to avoid this is to adopt printer management tools such as PaperCut software or Equitrac which holds printed jobs in a server till the user approaches the machine to collect their prints.


Printer Photocopier Brands available from Midshire

We supply a vast number of printer photocopiers with a full range of functions and technical specifications. Midshire partners with industry leading brands including: Ricoh, Sharp, Lexmark, Toshiba, RISO and HP who all manufacture a range of devices.

When looking at choosing a printer photocopier, it’s important to consider what you need as a business. Do you need colour printing or will black and white suffice? Do you need multiple paper-trays to cope with high demand? Are you looking at getting a device with high print speeds? You also have the option to add on a selection of finishing options which can improve and widen the types of printed materials you can produce. It might just be an additional paper tray for letterhead printing or to handle long print runs, or it could be more complex finishing options, such as, stapling or booklet making.

The printer photocopier has evolved even further in recent years. Now these devices are able to scan and fax. Read more about what a printer copier and scanner could do for your business.