Best Large Format Printer

Best Large Format PrinterMany printing projects require paper much bigger than A4 or even A3. Whether you’re an architect needing to print out plans, a graphic designer that wants to print and sell posters, or simply an administrator that needs to print off a spreadsheet, outsourcing large format printing can be costly, and the turn-around time can often be days or weeks. Depending on how much large format printing your company is doing and how large your budget is, a large format printer can be the ideal printing tool for your business.

Picking the best large format printer for your company can be difficult, there are lots of things to consider, including: maximum and minimum paper size, printing technology, dimensions and accessories. For example, an ad agency might want a full colour device that can produce photo-quality printing on a variety of stocks. Whereas an architecture firm is likely to want uncoated paper where speed and accuracy is vital.

Midshire has partnered with HP to deliver a large range of DesignJet large format printers that are regarded as the best in the industry. As a HP Gold Partner and DesignJet Production Specialists, our account managers are well-versed in the benefits of each device and can recommend the best large format printer for your business based on your bespoke requirements.

Large format printers are used by a range of industries, including: designers, professional print shops, university art departments, in-house marketing teams and vehicle wrapping companies. As technology advances, becomes easy to use and users become more tech-savvy, more and more companies are moving away from outsourcing their large format printing and bringing it in-house with their own large format printers.

There are many benefits to bringing large format printing in-house, the main ones including cost and productivity. The mark-up on outsourced printing is huge, and can be more expensive than purchasing the device, paper and ink yourself. Additionally, the artwork can be printed instantly, making it a much more productive process than outsourcing.

We don’t just supply you with the large format printer and then leave you to it; Midshire offer a complete service and support package as well, which is integrated in our unique Ink Inclusive Contracts. Midshire is one of a very small number of dealers that has been specially selected to supply and service HP equipment. If there are any problems with your printing equipment you can rest assured that we will endeavour to rectify the issue as quickly as possible, after all, we appreciate that there is no time to waste in business.

Midshire is able to Supply the following HP Large Format Printers: