Follow Me Print – What is it?

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What is Follow Me Print?

Follow me print is the ideal solution for businesses or schools with a large fleet of printers. It solves the problem of finding the closest printer from the long list of available printer, and instead the user can print to a ‘virtual job queue’, go to the nearest printer, and release their print jobs. It’s a roaming print service that allows print jobs to follow users based on their physical location. Follow Me Print is synonymous with PaperCut MF Printer Management Software.

Follow Me PrintWhy do businesses need Follow Me Print?

In a standard printing environment, a user’s jobs are sent directly to the printer that they select at the printer driver. This results in wasted paper and toner when printing is forgotten and not collected. It also presents a security risk if those forgotten jobs were sensitive or confidential.

Follow Me Print provides a simple solution that places jobs in a ‘holding state’ until the user authenticates and releases the job at the printer. Users may select individual jobs to release or have all print jobs automatically print after successful authentication at the printer.

Benefits of Follow Me Print

Print Roaming  – users can release the print jobs from any printing device that is Follow Me Print enabled, the print job can be released to the next nearest printer. They can avoid any kind of disruption, even if the preferred printer is out of service or busy. Most importantly, users don’t need to configure any new print applications on their laptop or personal computers.

Delegated PrintingFollow Me printing offers flexibility to all those users who require to share the print jobs with delegated printing. If a printing job needs to be printed on behalf of someone else, it can easily be done without assistance. For instance, assistants can handle a printing assignment on behalf of their managers. Departments can sustain the overall productivity of a full team, even during employee absence.

Personal Printing –  With follow me printing, every user gets to enjoy a personalised printing experience. They can handle confidential printing without worrying about security issues, as they have to be at the printer to allow the job to be released. They can print a document, containing sensitive information, on a shared device, without any worry.

How can Follow me Print be applied?

Card Reader– With either an integrated card reader, or external one plugged into the printers’ USB, users can swipe their personal ID card Using either an integrated card reader or an external one plugged into the printer’s USB port, users can swipe their ID card to release the print job. Midshire can offer the design of ID cards to its customers.

The control panel embedded in the printer–  PaperCut’s app is installed directly on the printer itself. Users can then log in using the LCD control panel to authenticate, usually with a unique 3 or 4 digit code.