• Product Overview

Product Overview:

RISO LogoRISO A2 Digital Duplicator

The RISO A2 duplicator allows for 4-up A4 printing. A3 had been the previous largest paper size for printing on digital duplicators, but now RISO has enabled A2 printing. Improves productivity by handling A2-size documents and even A2-size imposition printing in a single pass.

With steady, nonstop printing at 100 ppm, a 1,000-sheet printing job can be done in just 10 minutes, so tight deadlines are no problem. The low-priced master means your price per copy gets lower each time you print a job, making large-volume printing highly economical. Ink costs are low as well.

Risographs are easy to use. These devices provide top quality printing with the ease of operating a photocopier or office printer, enabling all users to produce high quality A2 prints, with no special technical skills.

There are 21 RISO coloured inks available for the RISO A2 duplicator, with custom ordering available to help users produce specific colours such as their corporate brand colours, or a specific colour for a piece of artwork. You can also change ink in just a few seconds, in contrast to the long laborious task associated with changing colours in a lithographic printer.

Midshire is the first managed print service provider in the UK to supply a RISO A2 duplicator (also known as a Risograph) to the mass market, with an installation to a university’s art department in London. As the largest RISO dealer in Europe, Midshire is your ideal partner for all RISO printers, accessories and consumables.

RISO A2 DuplicatorFeatures and Benefits of the RISO A2 Duplicator

• Print directly from your computer
• Low cost printing solution
• Adjustable print position
• Proof key allowing printing of a proof copy to check print output before starting a long run
• Adjustable print speed using the control panel