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Ink Inclusive Contract for HP Large Format PrintersHP Logo Hewlett Packard

You may be aware of the term Managed Print Service with respect to photocopiers and office printers, but did you know that you can have a similar service agreement for a large format printer?

Many companies purchase an extended warranty for their HP large format printers, however Midshire has a brand new service which covers the maintenance and upkeep of a machine for the duration of its life; the Ink Inclusive Contract.

Midshire’s unique Ink Inclusive Contract allows users to receive all their ink and servicing for a set period of time, which is billable through the consumption of ink.

Rather than paying per page, or per colour, which is how photocopier and office printer Managed Print Service contracts are charged, with large format printers you simply pay monthly for the amount of ink that is used.

Whats included in an Ink Inclusive Contract?

Customers can either purchase or lease their device and have it placed on an Ink Inclusive Contract, giving you complete peace of mind over:

· Parts
· Labour
· Ink cartridges
· Waste ink cartridges
· Print heads

Midshire will take a meter reading from your device once a month using our OneStop machine monitoring software, and simply bill you for the total amount of ink you have used, based on a pre-determined cost per ml.

How much ink is used by a large format printer?

HP Ink inclusive Contract• A1 plan drawing – approximately 0.24ml
• A1 poster – approximately 2.35ml
• A1 photograph – approximately 5.67ml
• Pull-up banner – approximately 14.2ml

If you are running low on ink you don’t have to worry about re-ordering, our OneStop software will send us an order to dispatch a replacement cartridge so that you are never out of ink.

The only thing that our Ink Inclusive Contract doesn’t cover is paper, but as a HP Gold Partner, you can purchase your HP genuine paper from us at the best price.