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HP DesignJet Plotters

HP Plotter HP DesignJet PlotterAs a HP Gold Partner and DesignJet Production Specialists, Midshire has access to the full range of HP DesignJet Plotters. A plotter is an industry term that is used to describe a large format printer that is used to print directly from CAD and GIS applications. Typically used by architects, construction workers or mappers, Midshire specialises in plotters from HP, the leading manufacturer for plotters in the UK.

Unsure which HP DesignJet plotter is right for your business? We’ve summarised the full range below.

HP T730 DesignJet Plotter

This HP DesignJet plotter is a robust, compact and professional device. It is the ideal device for a mobile workforce, such as construction workers as the printer does not need LAN connectivity, it can simply print as long as you have a WiFi connection, plus you can print directly from your mobile or tablet.

HP T1530 DesignJet Plotter

For companies that need lots of copies, quickly, this HP DesignJet plotter is perfect. Its 50-page output stacking tray, 2 roll input and print speeds of A1D in 21 seconds, means that productivity can be hugely increased. With 6 HP inks, including HP grey and photo black inks, quality is not compromised with this device, and ensures that CAD drawings achieve precise line accuracy up-to 2400dpi – ideal for architects.

HP T3500 DesignJet Plotter

Need to scan your CAD Drawings? This HP DesignJet plotter is a fully functioning Multifunction Printer, so you can scan your documents to folder or server. This is great for teams wanting to make amends to CAD drawings. The original can be printed, reviewed and scanned back to the team to make amends, without needing the original drawing sent back via post.

HP T2530 DesignJet Plotter

The T2530 offers the benefit of two on-line roll feeds which are both 90 meter, giving you almost 4 times the media capacity, ideal where the machine is frequently used or where you want the benefit of two media types loaded.

The convenient access to a single control panel enables easy print, copy, scan functionality, while the two rolls provide flexibility, enabling smart switching through the easy front loading, auto aligned paper rollers.