Heavy Duty Photocopiers

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Heavy Duty Photocopiers

For businesses with large workforces, an office photocopier that prints at 20 to 30ppm may not be sufficient. Instead, these companies may choose a high-volume photocopier, which is capable of printing upwards of 50ppm.

Ppm refers to “pages per minute,” which can also be called “copies per minute.” This is the general speed specification for all multifunctional printers and photocopiers. Average copiers produce around 40 ppm (black and white), while the fastest copiers produce around 100ppm. These ratings refer to the copier running at peak performance, printing just single sheets of paper. Once you add in finishing options, this can then reduce the speed.

Heavy duty photocopiers are designed to print and photocopy large amounts of documents on a regular basis. They often have lots of advanced input and finishing functionality, resulting in them needing little human input to complete jobs.

When it comes to printing, are you hoping to produce high volumes of coloured documents such as marketing materials, brochures or large reports? If so, then you will want to ensure that you have a high-resolution photocopier. A copier with 1,200 x 1,200 dpi (dots per inch) is generally a good colour quality, but the highest resolution copiers can reach up to 2,400 x 2,400 dpi. Some in-house marketing departments may also require a high volume photocopier to produce more advanced and impressive types of documents.

Heavy duty photocopiers are often introduced to replace the dependence on outsourced printing. This can often result in a huge saving, as the cost of copying with your own machine compared to the cost of an external company doing it for you is minimal.  There are many additional features that can be added onto heavy duty photocopiers, such as folding, binding, sorting, stapling, which can further reduce your dependence on outsourced commercial print companies.

High volume photocopiers are also ideal for use in reprographics departments, print or mailing rooms where they can be printing continuously all day. You’ll want a photocopier that can hold a large amount of paper so you spend less time refilling it and more time copying and printing. Basic copiers typically store 100 sheets in a tray, but larger, heavy duty photocopiers can store up to 7,500+ sheets of paper at a time.

Sharp Heavy Duty Photocopiers

Sharp has a number of photocopiers that could be classed as heavy duty. If you are looking for a large office photocopier, or photocopier that can meet the needs of a busy print room or reprographics department, then the Sharp range of light production printers are ideal, as they are capable of high volume printing, but are extremely simple to operate. The range of Sharp Heavy Duty Photocopiers includes:

Sharp Colour Heavy Duty Photocopiers

Sharp MX-8090

Sharp MX-7090

Sharp MX-7580

Sharp MX-6580

Sharp Mono Heavy Duty Photocopiers

Sharp MX-M1205

Sharp MX-M1055

Sharp MX-M905