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Price Of Photocopiers

Photocopiers vary in price. A basic photocopier could set a business back £1,000, whereas a top of the range light-production photocopier is upwards of £15,000! However, when looking at purchasing a new photocopier, looking solely at price isn’t always the best avenue. Instead it’s important to think about the features of the photocopier that are essential to your business and ones that you could manage without. Then you need to look at how much you print each day or month, this will determine the speed and volume the machine/s will need to cope printing. Midshire will help you find a device that meets your needs at the best price.

Price of PhotocopierWe advise that you ask yourself these questions before purchasing a new photocopier:

1. What is the speed that you need your photocopier to print at?
2. Do you need to print in colour, or would a black and white device be enough?
3. How much paper do you need to load in the printer at once?
4. Do you need to print in A3 or just A4?
5. Do you need finishing equipment (hole punching, stapling, booklet making, sorting etc.)
6. How do you want to finance the equipment, purchase or lease?
7. If leasing if for you, what lease term would be best? (3, 4 or 5 years).

Should I purchase or lease my photocopier?

Purchasing a photocopier is the least cost-effective method, with photocopier leasing being the most preferable option for many businesses.

General photocopier machine prices

As mentioned above, the price of photocopiers varies dramatically from device to device, however as a general rule of thumb:

1. A brand new desktop colour photocopier, ideal for small work groups or individuals, would cost upwardly of around £22 per month to lease

2. A brand new office A3 colour photocopier, which is the right device for medium work groups or SMEs, would cost around £49 per month on lease.

3. A brand new large light production A3 colour device, ideal for large companies or reprographics departments, would cost approximately £234 per month.

These are all rough guides, and it does depend on specifications, brands, is it new or refurbished, does it have advanced features or finishing and the length of the lease period.

No two customers have the same requirements of their photocopiers, so Midshire employs experienced specialist account managers who have a wealth of knowledge in print solutions and the photocopier market. With access to possibly the widest range of photocopiers anywhere in the UK, they can propose Ricoh, Sharp, Lexmark, Toshiba, HP, RISO and Lexmark machines to suit the customer’s needs.

Photocopier quotes

When you enquire about a new photocopier for your business, our account managers would initially asses your business needs, they may visits your premises to discuss your requirements and see first hand where the equipment will be going, they may take measurements and if required they may conduct a Print Audit. They will then provide you with a quote which will be sent via post or email for your perusal. You may wish to see a demonstration of the device at our showroom or you have the option to have a free trial of the device on your premises using Midshire’s ‘Try Before You Buy’ service. Midshire offers all customers the chance to road-test their chosen photocopier in their office environment, before committing to purchasing the device. The ‘Try Before You Buy’ service, gives companies the peace of mind that they are choosing the right device for their business.