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Sharp Photocopier Price

sharp photocopier priceAt Midshire, we have the complete collection of Sharp photocopiers and multifunction printing devices, including light production printers. As a Sharp Centre of Excellence since 2010 we are experienced in supporting and servicing all Sharp printing equipment. Our staff have been trained directly by Sharp to maintain their devices and to offer technical support to our customers that have Sharp photocopiers on a Midshire Managed Print Service.

A Sharp photocopier is an extremely cost-effective device for companies to consider as they include a high level of specification under a well-known and respected brand. They are mid-range on the price spectrum for photocopiers.

Sharp manufactures a vast range of photocopiers, including: desktop photocopiers, A3 and A4, colour and mono photocopiers. Additionally, their huge range of finishing equipment means that each device is slightly different and therefore the price reflects this.

Low Price Sharp Photocopiers

If you are looking for your next Sharp photocopier price to be low, there are lots of ways this can be achieved. Firstly, by looking for a device with a low PPM (pages per minute) will reduce the cost.

The slower the engine, the less productive the device is likely to be. If you have a large team, it is likely that you will need a faster device, and therefore have to spend slightly more on the device to get a better specification.

Each photocopier has a ‘duty cycle’ which represents how much a given printer can produce over a one-month period without any errors or jams. If this is exceeded, it is likely that the photocopier will experience more breakdowns. The duty cycle of a device increases when the photocopier has a higher PPM. If you opt for a device with a low PPM to save money at the point of purchasing, it is likely that you will spend more in repairs, or even end up upgrading the device before the end of the contract.

Additionally, choosing a black and white Sharp photocopier will not only be cheaper at the outset, but additionally by only printing using black toner will reduce the on-going costs associated with printing and photocopying. However, it is important to consider any outsource printing costs for the business, as it might be more cost effective to purchase a colour device if you are outsourcing lots of colour prints.

Midshire also has a large range of refurnished Sharp photocopiers. Our refurbished Sharp photocopiers come from our existing customer base. When a customer upgrades their copiers for new devices, we take their old machines away and put them through our refurbishment programme, so we always have plenty of used photocopiers for sale. Our range of refurbished devices are ideal for businesses that can’t afford to buy a new device but need higher specification.

Higher Priced Sharp Photocopiers

High performance photocopiers boasting 60PPM and additional features including binding and booklet making are classified as high-priced sharp photocopiers and are often the flagship devices in the range of Sharp photocopiers e.g. Sharp MX-6500. These are the ideal devices for companies that do a lot of printing, such as accountancy firms or law firms as they can cope with large volumes.

There are also heavy-duty Sharp photocopiers that offer up to 85PPM and a whole range of finishing accessories such as booklet making and even page trimming. These are designed for busy reprographics departments in schools, or even some professional print companies. These devices can be as long as 4 meters, so it is important that you consider the amount of space you have. Additionally, because they are used to complete long print runs, they may need to located in a separate room to the office, to prevent the noise disturbing staff.