Managed Print Services Software

Managed Print Service Software

As part of an MPS agreement, managed print service software is usually included to further help reduce the cost of printing, and offer increased visibility and management to companies. Midshire uses three main print management software solutions to benefit its customers – Calliso, PaperCut MF and Equitrac.

managed print service softwareOneStop Managed Print Service Software

OneStop is a proactive Managed Print Service software, which gives Midshire accurate information on the toner levels and meter readings for all of our customers’ printers and photocopiers. Toner levels are monitored and new toner is automatically dispatched when levels reach 25%, ensuring you always have a new bottle ready for when you run out (this level can also be adjusted if required). OneStop can also automatically take accurate meter readings for our accounts and billing team, so you don’t have to. Meaning that you know you are being billed for the exact number of copies, without having to log these manually, which could be time consuming.

PaperCut LogoPaperCut MF Managed Print Services Software

PaperCut MF is a simple to use copy and print management software for MFP customers. Its features reduce waste, encourage responsible behaviours and make users and departments accountable for their printing and copying. Papercut is guaranteed to reduce your printing by 15%*. It guarantees you will reduce your business printing, therefore reducing your costs at the same time, as you will be producing less output and waste. PaperCut MF is ideal for schools and SMEs, that only need a certain level of control.

Equitrac LogoEquitrac Managed Print Service Software

Equitrac gives users more advanced control over their print fleet compared to products like PaperCut MF. Ideal for legal firms and larger companies, Equitrac offers greater document security, with encrypted documents stored on a server, requiring a user to log in to print. In addition, Equitrac allows rules to be set up so that users are charged for finishing jobs such as hole punching and staples. For companies that work in shared offices, this is the ideal solution, as the company can re-coup the costs of the printing.
*Industry average.