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Could your school benefit from a Midshire Managed Print Service?

Unmanaged printers and photocopiers can be both costly and time consuming for schools. They run out of ink when you desperately need to print something, they breakdown and tend not to work very well.

Schools can take their printing equipment out on an operating lease, and place it on a managed print service. By doing this, they not only access the most up-to-date printers, but receive installation, training, ongoing engineer support and inks and toner for the duration of the contract.

Cost Management

Many schools are unaware of their printing costs, yet it is estimated that printing can cost as much as 15% of a school’s annual outgoings. Schools without a Managed Print Service (MPS) will spend huge amounts of money on purchasing toner cartridges, paying for individual engineer visits, and their staff will undoubtedly spend vast amounts of time troubleshooting printers, resolving faults and sourcing and purchasing supplies. By going down the Managed Print Service avenue, companies gain greater visibility and control over their printers.

Tracking – print management software, like PaperCut or Equitrac allow administrators or bursars to keep check of printing costs. The easy to use portal gives real-time data on overall print costs and individual print output.

OneStop – By implementing our proactive machine monitoring system, all your toner is automatically dispatched when the printer is getting low and it takes your meter readings automatically, giving valuable time back to administration staff to do more business-critical tasks. Additionally, our engineers perform proactive maintenance on all machines, meaning they experience fewer breakdowns, reducing your need to log engineer forms.

Reduce print waste – by encouraging users to authenticate themselves at the device, reduces print output, you can also limit document size, enforce duplex printing, and even create authorisers, so teachers or other members of staff have to approve printing.

Accountability – With print management software, like PaperCut or Equitrac, users can each have their own credentials to log in. With this, schools are beginning to link the print software with their canteen payment software, meaning that users can have a budget for their printing, to help schools re-coup the cost of printing.

High Volume Printing

Schools need printers that are able to cope with the demand of students, teachers and support staff, thus high speed devices are popular with schools, particularly RISO devices, which can print up to 180 pages per minute! With large paper trays on high volume devices, you can enjoy long, uninterrupted print runs.


Midshire’s account managers will assess your exact print needs and recommend a device the suits your needs. Today’s photocopiers can finish documents to a high standard, with the majority of models having, folding, punching and stapling functions, enabling teachers and reprographics departments to produce high quality documents, reducing the need to outsource your printing.

Key Features of a Managed Print Service from Midshire:

• Dedicated Midshire Account Manager to oversee your contract. Always on hand to offer advice and support.

• Toner automatically ordered and dispatched using OneStop software

• Meter readings automatically taken from machines in the fleet via monitoring software.

• Engineers on hand to service and maintain devices.

• Print monitoring software available for helping to reduce spend and print waste.

Case Study:

Case Study – St Cyres Comprehensive High School

Watch how a managed print service has helped St Cyres Comprehensive High School successfully manage their print fleet and control spend.

“Midshire have saved us a lot of time, as they know what our needs are, they’ve provided us with good robust machines that don’t breakdown. It’s the personal touch I like, I find that very important.” – Nicola Rees, Director of School Resources