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Helping legal firms reduce their print costs

A proud sponsor and supplier to Birmingham Law Society and Liverpool Law Society, Midshire is your trusted partner to assist you implement an effective Managed Print Service (MPS) for your law firm.

An MPS is a bespoke photocopier and printer service that covers: general maintenance, the ordering of toner cartridges and parts, preventative maintenance, the booking of engineer calls and providing meter readings, plus anything else your business requires in the area of print management. A managed print service aims to save you valuable time and effort, as well as money.

The legal sector is a document intensive industry with the average solicitor printing 100,000 sheets per year! Paper documents are the backbone of almost every legal firm and as such, we are regularly asked about ways to reduce or control print-related costs. Midshire works with law firms across the UK to help them adopt a managed print service, one such law firm is Gorvins Solicitors.

Gorvins Solicitors is a leading North West based full service legal firm, specialising in a diverse range of disciplines, including: corporate and commercial law, employment law, personal injury, and family law.  Now consisting of 16 Partners and over 100 staff, the business has been a customer of Midshire’s for over 10 years.

Consolidating Devices

Consolidating printing devices, and taking advantage of multifunction devices that can print, copy and scan reduces costs associated with supplies and repairs. Multifunction printers are becoming increasingly popular with businesses that want to consolidate assets, reduce costs, update old equipment and increase productivity. Midshire conducts print audits for legal firms, to assess their current print set up, and recommend a solution that will reduce their print costs.

Before Midshire, Gorvins was using unreliable second hand machines, costing the business vast amounts of money to both repair and replace. Technology needed to be easily integrated into the company’s environment, and cause as little disruption as possible to the important work being done. Gorvins now has a fleet of 10 Sharp multifunction devices, which offers efficiencies and uniformity throughout the business.

Data Security

The legal industry is centred around confidential and sensitive documents. Keeping these documents safe is vital to a firm’s reputation. A managed print solution allows for secure printing and only those who are authorised can collect the document ensuring confidential documents are kept out of the wrong hands.

By adopting software like Equitrac and PaperCut, law firms have access to advanced document security, with encrypted documents stored on a server, requiring a user to log in to print, using a password or fob.

The integration of document security into Gorvins’ pre-existing building access fobs has caused no disruption to the business’ processes. Mark Deverell says that the new security features “mean I know that no one can print my work, and I can’t print anybody else’s”. This gives Gorvins peace of mind in knowing that their confidential documents are secure and only accessible by authorised employees, namely the person who pressed print.

Printer management is also hugely important at the end of your contract. Since every scan and copy is saved on the hard-drive of your photocopier, Midshire ensures that your hard-drive is wiped of all confidential material when it returns to our warehouse, so no data is passed on with the device.

Reduce Print Waste

Irresponsible printing was a serious issue for Gorvins, meaning that money was quite literally being thrown in the bin as waste paper.

By adopting managed print service software, such as Equitrac or PaperCut, law firms benefit from reduced print costs as it actively informs the user of how much paper they are using, altering behaviours. Additionally, print management software can assign rules to users, such as only allowing duplex printing or preventing multiple copies being printed. Since implementation of PaperCut into Gorvins, the firm is able to monitor print output, saving 30% on prior paper waste, money that is re-invested into the firm.


Midshire understands that legal firms are very busy, and there is nothing worse than being slowed down by inefficient technology. Just like you wouldn’t buy a Fiat 500 if you were going to be travelling 30,000 miles a year, you wouldn’t want a small desktop printer to service a busy team. Midshire matches each device to each individual business or team’s requirements. If the device isn’t capable of the volume of printing required, it will experience greater downtime, resulting in inefficiencies for the firm.

Gorvins was experiencing issues with time. The legal services sector cannot afford to wait for office machines to be repaired, especially if tight court deadlines are approaching. Our engineers operate on preventative maintenance, meaning that devices experience less downtime, reducing the risk of deadlines being missed due to technology failure.

Additionally, by having your printer fleet managed by us, your IT resources are freed to concentrate on more business-critical jobs, rather than troubleshooting printer errors. We even send your toner to you before the printer has run out, so it is ready and waiting!

Watch the full case-study video with Gorvins.

“Listen to their expertise, let them assess your business’ needs, and rely upon them for their technical experience, it worked for us and will continue to work for us.” – Mark Deverell, Senior Partner