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Touch Screen Display for Multi-Site Accountants

Manchester and Leeds-based chartered accountants firm Sedulo has completely transformed……the way it works by utilising interactive touch screen displays from Midshire. Due to unprecedented growth, Sedulo opened its new purpose-renovated Leeds office in 2018 to expand on its delivery of accounting and auditing, bookkeeping, corporate finance, tax planning, and wealth management services. Midshire needed to bring innovation, whilst ensuring the technology was in-keeping with the new offices modern décor.

The Problem: Lack of AV Equipment Hindering Progress

Problem 1: Presentations becoming clunky
Problem 2: Processes needlessly slowed
Problem 3: Suitable technology for a new site

The first problem for Sedulo was clunky presentations. The firm had no facility for delivering presentations effectively, so staff had to resort to getting visitors gathered around a small laptop screen, which did not look professional when trying to impress potential clients.

Dated business processes were also slowing down the firm’s service provision. Staff had to take minutes from presentations and meetings, which then had to be typed up and emailed to relevant parties or moved to different software, which was time consuming and susceptible to human error. Lastly, Sedulo’s brand new office was meticulously designed with deliberate details and finishes, so Midshire’s solution had to integrate into the environment as a considered piece of technology, and not a later-added after-thought.

The Solution: Intuitive Touch Screen Display Technology to Enhance Efficiencies

Solution 1: Innovative technology to improve presentations
Solution 2: Simplifying and streamlining processes
Solution 3: Sleek equipment to enhance surroundings

Midshire’s solution was to install two PN-65SC1 Sharp BIG PADs in Sedulo’s two brand-new meeting spaces. With an almost instant start-up time, fast and responsive infrared 10-point touch, and VGA, DisplayPort, and HDMI connectivity, these touch screen displays were proposed to make single or group presentations much more collaborative and professional, and the 65” display would end the need to gather people around a tiny laptop.

Fully integrated into the touchscreens, Sharp Pen Software would streamline the firm’s processes by allowing staff to annotate directly onto their work and save it ready for emailing, which would also ensure all staff notes were the same. It was also proposed to use Intel Compute Sticks that would provide users with their familiar Windows operating system, all to make the new interactive screens easier to use and processes quicker.

With Sedulo’s new Cadbury and Bartfields themed meeting spaces in mind, one with its recognisable purple branding, and the other with an oak and brown leather finish, the proposed Sharp BIG PADs were chosen as the perfect touchscreen to blend into both rooms.

“No two installations are the same, when it came to Sedulo we had an extremely tight deadline. The intuitive touch screen display screens were to play a massive part in their grand opening of the new office so we had to ensure everything was running smoothly, so Midshire accommodated I’m proud to say we got the job done. The screens look absolutely fantastic, and because both screens are the same they work in exactly the same way, so staff only have to learn how to use one piece of technology!” – Stuart Carruthers, IT Sales Manager, Midshire

Sedulo Leeds office Cadbury room

The Outcome: Interactive touchscreens Improve Efficiency

The touchscreens played a pivotal role in the grand opening of Sedulo’s Leeds office in 2018. The firm showed immaculate image and video content which kept attendees engaged throughout, and meetings have become much more fluid and collaborative. Freeze frame functions built into Sharp’s Pen software now allows staff to have complete control over displayed content during presentations. As a multi-site organisation, video conferencing software gives the Leeds office the ability to remain connected with the Manchester office, again making collaboration easier and processes quicker.

“I’m really not kidding when I say that these screens have changed how we work, for the better. Our staff can now manipulate spreadsheets easily like using a tablet, and the pen software is so intuitive, it lets us annotate directly onto our work like writing with a pen on paper, it’s sped everything up so much, which lets us turn around work quicker for clients.” – Zeriozha Burt-Skeete, PR and Events Manager, Sedulo

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