Colour Multifunction Laser Printer for Safety Guide


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Skywell® 5TE Atmospheric Water Generator, Sharp Multifunction Photocopiers

Colour Multifunction Laser Printer for Safety Guide

With over 60 employees working from three Greater Manchester offices The Safety Guide…Foundation (Safety Guide) provides educational marketing materials on hard hitting issues like bullying and knife crime to schools and colleges nationwide. Overseeing the design and print of one million booklets per year is time consuming, and staff needed a colour multifunction laser printer they could rely on. The organisation was also looking to align its Ashton-under-Lyne office with its own environmental policies, so investigated an atmospheric water machine that could help meet environmental needs.

colour multifunction laser printer

The Problem: Slowing without a Colour Multifunction Laser Printer

colour multifunction laser printer

Problem 1: Low quality, low volume printer not delivering
Problem 2: Device self-management wasting staff time
Problem 3: Old water cooler not in-keeping with green policies

A big problem for Safety Guide was with print. Because the organisation outsources all of their booklets, they wanted to keep costs low by bringing all other print needs such as invoices, presentation letters, photo packs and posters in-house. Their shop-bought desktop printer was struggling to support the growing volumes and required print quality.

A second issue for the company was wasted time. Safety Guide’s on-site IT Technician was finding that he was increasingly being taken away from rectifying internal IT issues and focussing more on managing their dated printer, ordering and refilling ink, restocking it with paper, and removing jams.

Lastly, Safety Guide bolsters the CSR activity of schools and businesses, so Director Matthew Ralphs wanted to show that the organisation took its own CSR policies seriously. He was finding that their environmental footprint was rising and the increase of plastic waste from bottles and single use cups was something small that could be rectified.

The Solution: State-of-the-art Technology, Midshire Managed Print Services

colour multifunction laser printer

Solution 1: Best-in-class colour multifunction laser printer
Solution 2: Midshire photocopier servicing to relieve pressure
Solution 3: Skywell atmospheric water machine to reduce environmental footprint

Midshire’s first solution was to innovate print processes by installing two Sharp MX-2630 colour multifunction laser printers. With scan-to-email functions, the need to print would be reduced, eliminating waste paper. With a vastly upgraded quality and fast 26 ppm full colour output, Safety Guide’s more advanced poster, information pack and photo pack print runs could be brought in-house.

By getting Safety Guide onto Midshire’s comprehensive managed print services, Midshire aimed to take the responsibility of device management and photocopier servicing out of the hands of IT, allowing them to focus on the betterment of the business. Proactive preventative maintenance features, and intuitive OneStop managed print service software would both help by reducing harmful downtime.

The final solution was to introduce the innovative Skywell® 5TE atmospheric water machine. An air to water generator that creates water directly from the surrounding atmosphere, Skywell eliminates the need for plastic drum refills, stopping them from clogging up the office. Additionally, Skywell’s extensive six-stage filtration system would stop staff from turning to waste-producing plastic water bottles. And, by providing reusable branded bottles, the organisation would ensure that single use plastics were no longer in use.

The Outcome: Colour Multifunction Laser Printer Facilitates a Smarter Office

atmospheric water machine

Now that Safety Guide’s print quality and functionality have been upgraded they can send high quality, professionally produced marketing materials to prospective schools and businesses. The organisation no longer needs to outsource their posters, letterheads, certificates, info and photo packs. All are printed in-house on stock with a luxury look and feel using their colour multifunction laser printer.

Furthermore, Midshire’s managed print service ensures that staff can focus on their own roles. OneStop managed print service software dispatches new toner bottles when levels hit a prior-agreed threshold, and periodic preventative maintenance checks keep the machines operational, reducing downtime with regular photocopier servicing.

Lastly, Safety Guide can now evidence their commitment to the CSR initiatives they offer to customers with the Skywell atmospheric water machine, which has all but eliminated single use plastics.

The ultra-clean fresh water produced by Skywell also now means staff don’t need to buy bottles of water, saving them money, and the environment. Staff are even keeping more hydrated than they normally would by making use of Skywell’s hydration profiles, improving health and wellbeing.

“As you can imagine, when you print hundreds of documents on a basic printer you run into problems.
needed a solution that could support the runs we were doing, and I can say from the bottom of my heart that Midshire’s products are amazing. They do exactly what you need and want, a genuine breath
of fresh air.

“On the rare occasion that there’s a technical problem, Midshire are a phone call away, they send someone out the very same day! Their service is 10/10, I can’t recommend them highly enough!” – Matthew Ralphs, Director, Safety Guide

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