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RISOTTO Studio gets Creative with a Risograph

Established in 2012 by print artist Gabriella Marcella, RISOTTO Studio uses the unique process…

of the risograph, also known as the RISO duplicator, to create elaborately vivid works of art, apparel, stationery, and posters for customers around the world. With RISOTTO entirely dependent on the RISO duplicator, it was vital that the studio had a service partner they could rely on.

Risograph artwork

The Problem: Dependence on the Risograph

Problem 1: Concerns over running costs
Problem 2: Lack of support
Problem 3: Environmental ethics

A growing problem for RISOTTO Studio was the ongoing running costs of their machines. Because the studio offered customers prints at a low cost, the profitable margins of the business were narrow, so frontrunner Gabriella had to pay close attention to the amount of money coming in and going out. As a result, a significant amount of time was being spent sourcing cheap RISO drums, inks, and consumables.

Because the risograph is the cornerstone of RISOTTO, a hypothetical, yet possible hazard for the business was if the duplicator broke down. This would have a knock-on effect that could affect growth.

A final consideration was the studio’s environmental ethics; whatever solution Midshire offered, it had to be eco-friendly.

Gabriella Marcella

The Solution: Reliable Risograph Support

Solution 1: Competitive pricing
Solution 2: Alleviating environmental concerns
Solution 3: Reliable support

With the problems in mind, Midshire’s first solution was to provide RISOTTO with the stability of competitively priced RISO consumables and inks. This would not only keep the studio above margins, but would be in-keeping with the company’s stance on the environment; Midshire would only provide official RISO inks, which are soy-based and not toxic to the planet. Additionally, Account Manager Daniel would source second hand RISO drums for the studio, and by reusing old drums it would further reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Moreover, to remove any worries about the risograph unexpectedly breaking down and halting the studio’s ability to print for customers, RISOTTO was to be signed up on Midshire’s comprehensive managed print service. In doing so, Midshire would proactively maintain RISOTTO’s RISO duplicator to ensure that it was always up and running, and ready for last minute print runs.

“I have worked closely with Gabriella and RISOTTO for over four years now, during my 30-year tenure providing RISO print solutions, I have truly never met anybody so hardworking and invested in the brand. Gabriella’s work is amazing, it’s been featured by world famous brands and the house print is so eye catching, it’s a real testament to what the RISO can do.” Daniel Bridgeman, Senior Account Manager, Midshire

Daniel Bridgeman from Midshire with RISO printers

The Outcome: Maintaining Growth with a Trustworthy Service

Now that the RISO printers are proactively supported by Midshire, the studio is better equipped to take more orders because the machines can run more frequently, resulting in a sustained period of growth for the company. Adding to this progress is the fact that all RISO drums, and the 21 inks supplied by Midshire are incredibly cheap, which allows the studio to keep its own prices low. The company can even offer customers a unique gold ink option, giving them a competitive edge over rival designers, having collaborated with leading brands like Bloomberg, John Lewis, Puma, Urban Outfitters, and Dr Marten.

“As soon as I saw the kind of work that can be produced on the Risograph I was hooked on the process. My whole business is built around it, it’s ability to layer inks to create vivid patterns with spot colours is so distinctive, and cannot be replicated on any digital print process.

“For me, I was keen to create a business that provided me with a creative outlet, work with a range of clients and peers, whilst building an environmentally conscious and community-focused business along the way, and I found that with RISO and Midshire.” Gabriella Marcella, Studio Director, RISOTTO Studio

Risograph and artwork

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