Pioneering Managed Print Services for Quality Save


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HP Multifunction Printers, Lenovo Laptops

Pioneering Managed Print Services for Quality Save

North West and Yorkshire based multi-site retail organisation Quality Save has increased functionality… and savings with  proactive managed print services from Midshire. Staff were struggling to print creatively, or work collaboratively, and in the fast-paced retail sector inter-office teamwork is essential for growth, so Midshire was called in to alleviate the issue.

The Problem: No Central Point of Print Management

Problem 1: Limited collaborative ability
Problem 2: Struggling to keep track of spiralling costs
Problem 3: Time away from customer service

Before meeting Midshire’s IT Sales Manager Stuart Carruthers, Quality Save staff were limited by their existing printers capabilities and features. The dated printers could not produce eye catching point of sale, and old computers made communication and collaboration between offices strained.

Furthermore, as each of the 23 Quality Save stores were using different equipment from several brands, keeping on top of costs was virtually impossible. The issues were further exacerbated by their previous supplier. Not particularly hands-on, the burden of organising machine repairs and sourcing different parts and toners for the various brands was left to staff, who were subsequently taken away from their duties.

The Solution: Removing Hassle with Proactive Print Management

Solution 1: Product uniformity for cost control
Solution 2: Hands-on managed print services
Solution 3: Increase functionality with innovative technology

Midshire’s first solution was to make all products the same so that costs could be consolidated into one manageable cost per copy bill, so economical HP multifunction printers and Lenovo laptops were selected. Cheap to run, these devices would also allow employees to print vibrant, full colour notices, points of sale, and discount labels, whilst top-of-the-range Lenovo laptops would bring some much needed modernisation to each site, allowing staff to communicate stock changes and orders more quickly.

Getting Quality Save signed up on Midshire’s proactive managed print services with OneStop software was the final part of the proposal. By taking the responsibility of sourcing parts and toner away from staff, it would free up their time to fulfil their own duties. OneStop would ensure that toner is delivered to each site before it even ran out.

“I actually met Quality Save Directors Ric and Paul Rudkin two years ago at a networking event organised by another Midshire Customer, Harold Sharp. Since then our partnership has truly flourished, and both Midshire and I are very pleased to be supporting such a recognisable brand throughout the North West and Yorkshire.” Stuart Carruthers, IT Sales Manager, Midshire

The Outcome: Getting Creative with Upgraded IT Solutions and Managed Print Services

Understandably, Quality Save Director Ric Rudkin wanted to pilot the solution at 3 stores on a trial basis before diving into a new managed print service contract. Upon a successful trial, coupled with Account Manager Stuart Carruthers’ attentive approach, Ric requested the service be scaled up to include the company’s remaining 20 stores.

Since using Midshire across all sites, Quality Save has seen a massive reduction in overhead costs, and Midshire’s OneStop toner software, which sends new cartridges before machines run out, has led to a boost in staff productivity by drastically reducing downtime. Finally, by upgrading the print quality of each store, employees now have the ability to draw attention to certain products for effective in-store promotions, which will ultimately help with sales and company growth.

“As a company that operates in a fast-paced environment, it was important that we selected a provider that could take care of everything, allowing us to focus our efforts on business development. We found that with Midshire, they send us ink and toner refills before we run out, proactively service our machines so they don’t break down, and Stuart Carruthers checks-in periodically to make sure we have no issues.” Ric Rudkin, Managing Director, Quality Save

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