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Gorvins Solicitors Implement Secure Print Solution

Based in Stockport, Manchester, leading full service law firm Gorvins Solicitors has ensured that it’s processes… and data are secure from both external threats and internal mishaps with innovative hardware, and watertight Print Management Software from Midshire.

The Problem: Searching for a Secure Print Solution

Problem 1: Document security
Problem 2: Consolidating to one supplier
Problem 3: Irresponsible printing and waste

Operating within the parameters of the legal sector, the main problem for Gorvins was security, and by-proxy, client confidentiality. With countless documents passing through their printer’s hard drives, and with so many members of staff, it was an issue that management did not have visibility of the print process.

Furthermore, the pace at which technology has progressed in recent decades has exacerbated the issue of document security. Cyber criminals are now able to come up with increasingly intricate methods of theft, so keeping ahead with technology has never been so important, and with varying brands of photocopiers that use different levels of security the need to consolidate to one supplier was rising.

Gorvins also has a major problem with waste paper, and with no print management software, the waste was building.

The Solution: Document Security above all else

Solution 1: Innovative technology
Solution 2: PaperCut Print Management Software
Solution 3: Drastically reduced waste

Midshire’s first step was to make sure the firm’s machines were the very latest in secure hardware, and with their entire range passing the Common Criteria CR4 certification in November 2017, Sharp photocopiers were thought to be the perfect pairing.

The next step was to add another layer to that security by implementing PaperCut MF print management software on all of the sharp multifunction devices. PaperCut, with secure print release functionality, would only allow staff to pick up documents that they, and only they have printed, ensuring that printed data was safe. Midshire’s Sales Manager Nick Rose also proposed building the secure print function into pre-existing staff security fobs to utilise existing user authentication and cause as little disruption as possible.

Lastly, in a bid to reduce waste ink and paper, the document management aspect of PaperCut would allow Gorvins’ to monitor who was printing, what was being printed, and in which departments waste was coming from, giving them full control of their managed print solution.

“It’s a genuine pleasure for me to work so closely with an exciting firm like Gorvins, and I’m truly grateful that they have put their trust in Midshire to manage their fleet of printers. We always strive to go above and beyond to ensure that the customer is happy, and I have thoroughly enjoyed looking after Gorvins for the last thirteen years. I look forward to growing our relationship as a key partner of the firm.” Nick Rose, Sales Manager, Midshire

The Outcome: Firmly Ahead of the Curve with the Sharp Photocopier

By carefully selecting PaperCut, Midshire has ensured that Gorvins’ managers have complete visibility of the entire printing process. They can now restrict irresponsible members of staff from printing unnecessarily, and have drastically reduced waste as a result. With over 100 members of staff completing work in a fast-paced environment and to tight deadlines, it was important they could print from anywhere in the building; and PaperCut secure print release has instilled confidence that documents are only being seen by the eyes they are intended for, conveyed further in the knowledge that they are protected by the most watertight Sharp photocopier technology from external threats.

“Office technology has sped everything up so much, it allows us to perform better for clients and turn work around a lot quicker, it makes our lives overall a lot easier. Midshire themselves have saved us an awful lot of money over the years, listen to their expertise, let them assess your business’ needs, and rely upon them for their technical experience, it worked for us and will continue to work for us.” Mark Deverell, Senior Partner, Gorvins

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