Colour Multifunction Laser Printer for Dance Charity


Leamington Spa

No. of Employees

Less than 20


Performing Arts Charity/Not-for-profit




Managed Print Service


Sharp Colour Multifunction Laser Printer

Colour Multifunction Laser Printer for Dance Charity

Now in its 31st year of creating world class dance productions, Leamington Spa-based……Motionhouse aims to inspire national audiences to engage in global issues with full-length theatre productions, bespoke outdoor works, and large-scale events. Due to unprecedented growth, Programme Coordinator Amy Belfield wanted to further consolidate costs, whilst sourcing a colour multifunction laser printer that could help the registered charity embrace the digital world.

colour laser multifunction printer

The Problem: Adaptive Printer Services to Assist Growth

Problem 1: Required technology to facilitate the move to digital
Problem 2: Reducing overhead costs in-line with growth
Problem 3: Needed the reliable service to continue

Today, printers and photocopiers offer a wide range of innovative features. Motionhouse staff have increasingly found that they have less time to perform standard office tasks, so when the time came to renew their managed print service contract, they wanted to make their office more digitally-capable and productive with a more innovative device.

Furthermore, because the organisation relies on funding and donations, and due to the increasing popularity of the performances of the dance studio, funds had to be strategically directed to various other functions of the charity. A final concern for the charity was service. Because Motionhouse was experiencing unprecedented growth, they needed to know that their reliable Midshire service would continue unaffected, because staff could not afford to wait for technology aimed at small workforces.

office has Midshire colour laser multifunction printer

The Solution: Updating Printer Management to Help Guide Growth

Solution 1: A more advanced digital device
Solution 2: A faster, cheaper multifunction machine
Solution 3: Flexible managed print services to accommodate growth

When Motionhouse became a Midshire managed print service customer almost a decade ago their print requirements were very different; they simply needed a reliable machine. But when their contract was up for renewal, Midshire’s solution was to update the office with a more advanced device with digital capabilities – the Sharp MX3060. This colour multifunction laser printer would allow staff to scan to email or folder, and cloud connectivity, mobile connectivity, and USB direct printing would integrate digital storage into the print process. Operating at a fast 30 pages per minute and with a standard 650 paper capacity, this multifunction printer would also quicken that colour printing and colour photocopying process.

Lastly, Midshire’s industry-renowned managed print services can be effortlessly scaled up as Motionhouse grows. Paired with their familiar, attentive account management and preventative maintenance measures to proactively stop breakdowns, Midshire’s managed print service would give Motionhouse complete peace of mind that whatever their scenario, they’d continue to be in good hands.

“Motionhouse keeps growing and growing, and as a charity cost is really important, so we looked at what we were doing for them. We really didn’t want to sacrifice functionality to reduce the cost, and obviously now photocopiers can do a lot more than when we first partnered with Motionhouse. So I was please to inform them about upgrades in functionality at a reduced cost!” – Danny Walden, Sales Director, Midshire

midshire colour laser multifunction printer

The Outcome: Cost-effective, Reliable Photocopier Services

The upgrade in functionality has given staff at Motionhouse the ability to scan directly to email or folder, which has saved them a lot of time by speeding up the document storage process, as well as monetary savings by removing the need to print unnecessarily.

Additionally, Amy Belfield has said that Motionhouse staff have had absolutely no issues right the way through from installation and setup, to training and maintenance. Preventative maintenance measures built into Midshire’s comprehensive managed print service has continued to leave staff feeling confident that they can focus on their own jobs and roles, and not on office equipment management.

“Midshire have been our managed print service provider for quite some time now, and a good service, in my opinion comes when you don’t even have to think about or worry about it. For example, Midshire come out on planned visits to maintain the machine to prevent it from breaking down, so we don’t have to worry about it, that’s a good service. When the time came to renew our contract, we got some outside quotes to see if Midshire was still the best value for money, and after a bit of contact with some external companies it just reaffirmed what we already knew, that Midshire really is the best.” – Amy Belfield, Programme Coordinator, Motionhouse

Colour laser multifunction printer for dance studio

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