Touchscreen Tables for Care Homes

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Touchscreen Tables for Care-homes

Interactive Touchscreen Table for Care-homesInitially designed for nursery schools, the 40-inch interactive touchscreen tables are easy to use have been found to be the ideal addition to care-homes. This innovative product has so many uses from displaying agendas, running activity exercises, assisting with alternative therapy and engaging residents with simple games.

A battery driven interactive touch table that enables interaction as never seen before. The battery pack which is built in charges in 3.5 hours and can run up to 8 hours. The table is portable so as there are no trailing wires; it can be simply moved from room to room without the need of having to plug the unit in.

Research into the neuropathology of dementia and on the science of play, establishes that people in the late stages of dementia can still experience three primary outcomes of play: relaxation, reminiscence and sensation. These can be achieved through interaction with the table. What’s great about touchscreen tools like our interactive digital table is the fact that studies have suggested touchscreens is a more effective option for people with dementia as it requires less hand-eye coordination compared to a desktop computer and mouse cursor, for instance, making it easier to use for people with dementia.

Interactive Touchscreen Table for Care HomeMany people worry their relatives will become isolated and immobile in a care home, therefore reliant on staff members or family visits for any contact. Introducing care homes to technology such as Skype an app created to communicate with voice and video to connect with loved ones across the world can help care home residents become more interactive and maintain a sense of connection beyond the care home.

Features of Touchscreen Tables for Carehomes Include:

– Fully mobile 40” touchscreen table with an 8-hour battery life.
– Host movie nights in full high-definition tilting the table to 900.
– Challenge resident’s minds with memory games.
– Encourage friendly competition with games inc. bingo and chess.
– Use health and wellbeing apps to provide supervised chair yoga with residents with limited mobility.
– Keep dementia patients stimulated with sensory apps.
– Skype family members anywhere in the world.
– Multifunctional use for Continuous Personal Development (CPD) training for Staff.

Interactive Touchscreen Table for Care HomeNewcare Care-Homes install 5 Touchscreen Tables

The touchscreen tables have integrated perfectly at Newcare. The devices are used by the activities team with residents individually or in groups, and occupants now use the table autonomously in-between scheduled events without input from the Newcare team. The devices are so versatile that the residential floor use it for playing films and challenging their minds with word and memory games, occupants on the nursing floor use the screen supervised for chair yoga, whilst patients on the dementia level remain stimulated with sensory apps that involve light and sound.