Sharp BIG PAD Interactive Table

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Sharp BIG PAD Interactive Table

Sharp LogoSharp’s BIG PAD Interactive Table is an interactive and mobile activity board ideal for all Early Years Foundation Stage education and entertainment needs.

The robust and durable table uses the latest 10 point touch technology to allow a number of children to draw directly onto the screen using either their hand or finger. The Interactive touchscreen table is powered by a built-in battery pack, simply charge and unplug to use throughout the day, eliminating trip hazards and maximising mobility.

The table can be easily tilted and locked into position, allowing children to interact together around the table on learning apps, games or puzzles. Alternatively, the table can be tilted further to 68 degrees before being locked into place to enable children to use it more comfortably whilst sitting to watch videos and cartoons, if they are playing on their own, or for teachers to use to teach groups of students.

Pre-installed EYFS content and sensory apps are suitable for individual or group activities, encouraging children to socialise, learn, share and communicate. The table can be securely connected directly to the internet via the Wi-Fi feature or linked to another wireless or Bluetooth device, such as a printer to share children’s activities and creativity with friends and family.

Self contained mobile solution

• Full HD resolution

• Multi-touch screen encourages group play and learning.

• Tiltable and lockable screen makes viewing and touching more accessible for children.

• Self contained, slimline and future proofed solution requires minimal storage space.

• Built-in battery pack allows the Interactive Table to be used up to 11 hours from one charge and completely wire free.


• Quickly and easily connect to the internet via the Wi-Fi feature to stream music or videos.

• Connect to another device such as an external speaker or printer via Bluetooth or wireless.

• Optional slot in Windows PC expands functionality – Designed and Developed for Sharp.

Natural user experience

• Sharp’s intuitive P-CAP touch technology provides a more responsive and fluid experience, improved touch accuracy and enhanced ease-of-use.

• Smooth Pen on Paper touch experience allows children to easily draw and mark make directly onto the screen.

• Children can become familiar and start to understand the uses of digital technology, preparing them for when they start school.

Unlock learning potential

• Built-in Android PC saves you having to connect an external device for uploading and displaying content.

• Pre-installed EYFS and sensory apps that inspire learning.

• Freely download further apps directly to the table via the Aptoide or the Play Store, such as Online Journal.

• Protect data and restrict children to approved apps.

Designed for Early Years

• Built specifically for early years’ activities, with a tough and durable, wipe clean glass surface.

• Wheels come with locking brakes for added safety and security.

• Covers areas of the Early Learning goals via fun, educational programmes and apps.