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From business display screens for digital signage, through to interactive displays for boardrooms and classrooms, Sharp has audio visual equipment for every need.

Interactive touchscreen displays are rapidly replacing traditional projector technologies, and are becoming incredibly popular in both educational and business settings. Midshire offers a large range of touchscreen technology, encompassing the market-leading brands and models meaning there is a product to meet everyone’s needs and budgets.

Sharp BIG PAD Interactive Touch Screens

Midshire works with Sharp to provide a large range of touchscreen displays. With screen sizes ranging from a modest 40” to a huge 80”, the BIG PAD screens are suited to almost every environment.

Sharp’s range of BIG PAD interactive screens are deigned to provide smooth and effortless communication in a wide range of contexts. From meeting rooms and board rooms through to classrooms and training centres, the Sharp BIG PAD range of products change the way you communicate.

Recognising up-to 10 points of contact, the Sharp BIG PAD devices enable up to 4 people to write on the surface of the screen at the same time using either their fingers or a Sharp Touch Pen. The simultaneous touch ability allows participants to take an active role in meetings, lessons and brain-storming sessions.

Easy to use Sharp Interactive Touch Screens

Sharp interactive Touch ScreensSharp’s interactive touch screen solutions allow for effortless collaboration, communication and sharing. Their easy-to-use and highly responsive touch performance ensure that users can focus on their primary task, rather than learning how to use a new type of technology.

When it comes to touch screen monitors and interactive screens, you need two things: exceptional quality and effortless ease-of-use. And that’s why you need to take a close look at Sharp’s extensive range of interactive display solutions.

In the meeting room, in the studio, or in the classroom, our interactive solutions give you a true Pen-on-Paper experience which lets everyone use them naturally and intuitively. There’s no tricky technology to learn – everyone can just walk up, reach out and start sharing. And that’s just the start.

Sharp Interactive Touch Screen Software

Sharp’s Touch Display Link enables multifaceted wireless communication and collaboration with all mobile smart devices as well as remote locations. With the Touch Display Link, up to 50 devices can be connected wirelessly to the Sharp BIG PAD. This allows the sharing of onscreen content, the transferring of files, interactive onscreen writing and drawing, as well as the remote control of the BIG PAD from a mobile device. Users are able to capture onscreen images and save them on their mobile devices, to make individual annotated memos.