Video Conferencing Systems

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Video Conferencing Systems

Companies today no longer just do business with companies in the local vicinity. Globalisation has meant that suppliers and customers are in a different city or even country, meaning that arranging meetings can be logistically difficult, and result in hours spent travelling to the location. Additionally, there are times when a two-way phone-call isn’t sufficient, there may be multiple people that need to be involved, and visuals are often needed to be shared.

Video Conferencing SystemsAs the audio visual industry has grown, video conferencing systems have further developed to provide a platform for multiple people to meet, discuss ideas, and collaborate, without having to leave their office, or even their desk.

Midshire is a leading reseller of Sharp Portal Connect, a video conferencing system that allows simple, scalable video meetings.

Each licence provides a ‘virtual meeting room’, that enables simple video meetings for up-to 50 participants. There is no technical hardware implementation required. Additionally, the Outlook integration makes planning scheduled meetings quick and easy, you can create a meeting via outlook, and a link to your virtual meeting room will be sent to all delegates.

Sharp Portal Connect provides flexibility for the delegates to attend the meeting via their preferred device. You can join video calls and meetings in a number of ways including:

  • Web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.)
  • Desktop clients
  • Video conferencing units (from Cisco, Polycom, Huawei, etc.)
  • Mobile devices (with the My Meeting Video app).
  • You can even sync the software with your Skype for Business account!

Although it is marketed as a ‘video conferencing’ platform, the video aspect isn’t a necessity. You can use the Sharp Portal Connect as just audio, just as you would with any conference call service.

If you haven’t got time to arrange a conference call, you can use Sharp Portal Connect to stream and record events with up-to 50 video feeds. You can also embed the event video on a third-party streaming platform, such as YouTube. There is is no limit to the audience size, and people can watch without having to download any extra software. Choose to share the live stream link and / or the recording link either publicly or privately to reach your audience.