Environmental Partners

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Our Environmental Partners

Midshire believes everyone must take responsibility for his or her impact on the environment. We run our company in the most socially and environmentally responsible manner possible and where we can, exceed legal requirements.

There are many ways in which Midshire can help your business to improve your environmental credentials. We are committed to protecting the environment and sustaining the world we live in.

Our key environmental partners are:

Sharp UK – A supplier of Energy Star products & Recycling of EPS-Polystyrene spent packaging.

Ricoh UK– A supplier of Energy Star products. They also aim to recycle used parts/components and consumables.

PaperCut MF – Midshire was one of the first PaperCut resellers in the UK

• E-line Printers – Midshire offers a wide range of refurbished equipment, which help reduce the number of printers that go to landfill.

Toner Recycling Scheme – Midshire has launched it’s own customers recycling scheme for printer and photocopier toners

We are proud to be one of the first independent resellers in the UK to achieve ISO 14001. The Standard recognises our company’s efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and encompasses all aspects of our day-to-day operation and future planning. An ISO 14001 system gives you a framework to meet the legal or regulatory requirements, as well as your customer expectations for corporate responsibility.