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The Benefits of Leasing a Photocopier for your Business

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Photocopier-Leasing-BlogA photocopier is an essential piece of equipment in any office setting, and completely necessary to productivity. The real decision where photocopiers are concerned, however, is whether to purchase the necessary equipment, or to lease it. There are many benefits to leasing equipment of this value and importance, and leasing should be seriously considered as a viable option, if for no other reason than because of the several benefits discussed below.

Budget friendly
Businesses, especially small ones, often lack the kind of capital required for purchasing a piece of equipment of this expense outright, and it is never in a business’s best financial interest to invest so much capital into an item that only depreciates in value. Leasing a photocopier can be a much better financial decision, as the regular payment schedule is easier to work into the budget. Lease terms can be negotiated to include supplies, and repairs and general maintenance are not the responsibility of the business, making it very easy to control these costs.

Latest technology
Another major benefit to opting for a photocopier lease instead of an outright purchase is the ability to continuously upgrade and improve the equipment your office is using as technology improves, and new machines enter the marketplace. As the equipment you’re using depreciates and eventually becomes obsolete, your leasing company can upgrade your machines, providing the newest models, for little to no cost increase to the business, under the terms of the existing lease agreement.

Having newer technology and equipment in the office will maximise efficiency in the workplace.

As technology improves so do many aspects of the performance of the equipment, including the electrical resources required to run it, the speed at which it performs, and the cost on a per page basis, turning your lease agreement into a fantastic investment. Office employees are able to maximise their own productivity when not dealing with slow machine operations or repeated malfunctions and breakdowns that are common with out-dated or poorly maintained equipment.

Tax advantages
Leasing a copier provides very distinct advantages for a business over purchasing one outright. When purchasing the machinery outright a business is only able to deduct the amount of depreciation on the equipment, whereas when leasing the equipment the business is able to deduct the entire cost of any and all lease payments made in the year because the payments are considered to be a pre tax business expense, creating a bigger deduction for the company.

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