Telephone Handsets for VoIP, IP and SIP Available at Midshire Today

Telephone Handsets for VoIP, IP and SIP

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At Midshire, we supply a wide range of VoIP office handsets, suitable for new startup businesses all the way up to Call Centre organisations.

When purchased or leased with our Samsung OfficeServ or HostX telephone systems, they are pre-programmed and delivered to your business address ready to ‘Plug and Go’.

A VoIP handset along with a SIP handset, use a connection over a broadband connection to allow calls to be made rather than over your conventional copper telephone lines. When making a call, the recipient doesn’t require an IP handset connection to receive calls. Due to this added resiliency, the reduction in your telephone bill costs can be significant.

Below is a list of the most popular sample handsets that we provide. Should you come across a handset which is not listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact us, as we can provide a number of handsets from our many suppliers, including: Polycom, Cisco, Samsung and Yealink to name a few.

Samsung IP Handsets:

 Samsung IP Handsets

SMT – i6010

The SMT-i6010 is a functional and user friendly entry-level IP phone for small and medium-size offices.


– Easy to use – 3.2″ Monochrome LCD Screen – Stylist and functional – Easy to install and update – Crystal clear voice quality

SMT – i6020

The SMT-i6020 desk phone is a practical addition to the SMT-i6000 series. The phone offers a lot of advanced features for the price.


– Intuitive operation – Easy to configure and update – Ergonomic and user-friendly design – HD voice quality

SMT – i6021

The SMT-i6021 is a sleek addition to executive offices. This powerful IP phone connects with executives smartphones while offering many advanced telephony features.


– Wired and wireless connectivity – Call sharing via Bluetooth – Seamless call handover to your smartphone and vice versa – Advanced features and crystal clear voice quality

SMT – i6011

A superb IP phone for executive assistants and managers, the SMT-i6011 VoIP phone offers a polished and professional look. With integrated WiFi and Bluetooth, this desk phone offers a lot of advanced features.


– Wired and wireless connectivity – Call sharing via Bluetooth – Seamless call handover to your smartphone and vice versa – Advanced features and crystal clear voice quality

SMT – i5343

Gear up your business and experience enhanced productivity with built-in NFC (Near Field Communication), Bluetooth and Wireless technologies.


– Wired/wireless connectivity and advanced features – Bluetooth technology to pair headsets and transfer calls between devices – NFC (Near Field Communication) tap for hot desking – Smartphones and Tablets used as add-on modules (AOMs)


Poly Handsets



Poly VVX450 

The Poly VVX450 is a twelve-line, high-performance IP deskphone with colour display. Designed for

businesses of all sizes, it is ideal for executives and upper management.


– 4.3″ Colour Display – 12 Speed Dial Keys – HD Voice


Poly VVX150

The Polycom VVX 150 is an easy-to-use, performance business media phone that is designed for today’s busy workers and managers.


– 2.5″ graphical, backlit monochrome LCD display – 2 Line keys – HD Voice

Cisco Handsets:

Cisco Handsets

Cisco SPA504G

The Cisco SPA504G is a mid-range business desktop phone with an extensive feature list



– Monochrome LCD Screen – 12 Speed Dial Keys – Dedicated hold button – 4 Way Rocking

Navigation Cluster

Yealink Handsets:

Yealink Handsets

Yealink W52P Dect

The Yealink W52P is a scalable cordless IP DECT phone. This is a flexible, state-of-the-art cordless phone which can grow with your business.


– 1.8″ Colour LCD Screen – 4 Simultaneous Calls – 50m Range – Desktop and Wall Mountable

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