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Changing from ISDN to Cloud

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You’re probably viewing this page as you’ve been made aware of the huge savings you could be making on your business telecoms.

ISDN is old technology, and as such is more expensive to run. By switching to Cloud with Midshire, and discarding your unnecessary ISDN lines, you could make substantial savings. We’ve calculated that on average you could save £6.50 per telephone line, per month!

ISDN technology is scheduled to be SWITCHED OFF in 2025, meaning you’ll have to make the conversion eventually, so why wait? Take advantage of our cheap deals and ditch ISDN and switch to Cloud now. Midshire are here to help with your telecoms conversion and our experts are on hand to offer you the best deal and to support you throughout the entire process.

What are the benefits of Cloud?

Your voice and data connections are essential components of your business, and as such their cost, flexibility and amount of control you have over them are also essential.

Midshire provides a flexible alternative to ISDN without the hefty price tag.

– Call redirection
– Add/Remove Lines
– Choose which number to display
– Numbers will stay the same even if you move premises
– Supports multiple locations
– Massive cost savings
– Feature rich