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ADSL Broadband

ADSL stands for Asymmetric digital subscriber line; this in essence, is the most basic type of broadband that we offer at Midshire.

Although basic, ADSL can offer your business, great value business grade broadband connectivity, giving you a fast and reliable broadband connection to stay in touch with your customers.

ADSL’s popularity exudes from its vast availability across the country. Wherever in the UK a customer may be, it is very likely ADSL and the subsequent technologies needed to implement a broadband connection, will already be in place.

With speeds of upto 20mb/s for business broadband on copper, Midshire can offer a variety of flavours depending on how fast and reliable your business needs the broadband to be.

– ADSL2: 1 Mbps Upload/ 12 Mbps Download
– ADSL2+: 1.3 Mbps Upload/ 20 Mbps Download

Where both a stable connection and speed are important, Midshire can provide a business grade connectivity service suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Features of ADSL

– Quick Install
– Stable / Reliable Service
– Managed Router
– Ideal as back up service
– Annex M available (Higher upload speeds)
– High data limits